Blue Screen of Death, the word itself scares as it sound. But you d o not have to worry as your PC is not dead at all. No matter whether your Windows 7 or 8 just ran into error and shut down to save data. That caused this unknown error. In this post you will learn 5 common cases of BSOD and what to do to fix them.

Earlier, Blue Screen of Death has several faces. In earlier Windows version it look like this as it is shown in the image below:
fix BSOD error in windows
And in Windows 8 it look like this:
BSoD in Windows 8
To fix this BSOD error you have to access your Windows in habitual look. To perform this enters into Safe Mode by constantly pressing F8 button while Windows is rebooting.

Problem 1: Overheat

Why happened: Your computer is too hot: it can be a problem with your system fan or just with the graphic cards.

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How to fix: You can wait until your system gets cooler and then try to switch it on. But if it occurs frequently then visit Repair Centre to fix the issue.

How to avoid: Make sure that there is no dust on your system and keep your PC clean and avoid placing any hot equipment near the PC.

Problem 2: Risky Installation

Why happened: By installing some new software and now your PC refuses to boot up. Either the software is downloaded from the malicious site or it itself installed any dangerous third party software.

What to do: Roll back your drivers. Go to Control Panel and select the software which is creating the problem. Right click on it and go to properties. There select Driver Tab and choose Roll back drivers. If your computer declined to show you the desktop and provide access to your files, then you can continue on a Repair installation. But for performing this process you will need the Windows disk. If you own any then run it and select Repair Installation. But if nothing is working the things will become worse. After completing the process restore or restart your PC. Restarting will delete all the installed software, but it will keep your personal files. Restoring will clean everything and make your PC a new one.

How to avoid: First of all, set restore points of time. By doing so, will save your PC’s sate to its most successful and best time and it will roll it back to that particular state when problem occurs. To set such point, search for Recovery and look for bar of the Control Panel and create backup using internet or hardware. For example access file sharing sites and upload your precious photos there. Apart from it install best antivirus program and keep it updated. It will provide as a personal security guards.

Problem 3: Updates

Why happened: You have downloaded the Windows update but it appears to be offended and your PC doesn’t start. It can also happen when you update your Windows to Windows 8.1.

What to do: Here also you have to roll back your Windows updates. Type “System restore” in the search bar and roll back it to earlier version.

How to avoid: There is no way. Just hope that you get lucky.

Problem 4: Hard Drive

Why happened: May be there is no enough space available for Windows to boot up or problem is its external part.

What to do: Try to clean or delete files from system hard drive to free some space in safe mode. Remove the external device attached to system such as pen drive, hard drive, etc. If nothing works, then you have left with nothing to do but to show your PC to the professional. Or you may change the hard drive.

How to avoid: Don’t store any useless program and always keep enough memory. Carefully use your PC and avoid all the falls.

Problem 5: Cables

Why happened: May be some of the internal cables get disconnected.

What to do: Never think to try to handle this error by yourself. Visit the nearest service center and allow the right person to handle this problem.

How to avoid: In this cases treat your PC carefully. Also prevent kids from your PC, animals or any other moving insects.

Recommended tool to fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

One can use Reimage Repair tool to fix the above error, if nothing works for you. Reimage repair scans your computer, detect the errors and help you to fix them up by yourself. It can fix the following apart from BSOD, like DLL errors, Windows error, Registry errors, removes junk files, optimize your windows and may more. So, download this tool to fix the above error.



Blue Screen of Death – 5 Ways to Fix your PC