Windows Computer Freezing

Windows freezes or stops responding

System hanging or freezing regularly is very dangerous problem that can affect your computer very badly. It happens when you try to executing any particular application or want to run any other task on your windows system. There are many causes that turn a healthy system to hanging and freezing system such as disk fragmentation, virus infection, hardware problem etc. it is very common scenario that happens with almost the computer user. After computer freezing you cannot move the cursor, selected application become motionless, you get unable to type on the keyboard.

To recover from this situation some user restart the computer and after restarting system works efficiently but after some time it gets freeze.

How to Fix "Computer Screen Freeze"

You have to increase RAM of your system or close those unwanted programs that are running in the background of your computer. You can also try the given manual method to end the unresponsive task.

Follow the following steps:

  • Open the Task manager by pressing ctrl + Alt + del buttons at the same time.
  • End the unresponsive programs by clicking on it. Select 'End Task' after clicking on the task.
  • Some unresponsive program will take time to closing so wait until the non-responsive programs should closed.

To fix computer hanging situation permanently you have to use system repair tool, apply reimage repair tool and make your system fast and efficient even after running numerous programs at the same time.

Reimage is actually Windows Certified for all versions of Windows OS. A Windows certification is a good indication of a product?s good quality. Such certifications are only given to products that have been proven to be safe and well-performing with Windows Operating Systems.