Virus damage Recovery

recover from virus attack

It is not compulsory that a virus infected computer work properly after removing virus through any antivirus program. It happens because viruses damaged many system files and alter system settings. Antivirus program can only able to remove viruses form computer system but not to repair system files affected by the computer virus.

After removing virus why did my computer start displaying error message? And the answer is very simple virus damaged your system files and other components. Trojans and viruses come into computer and hide itself into the computer. Viruses can secretly penetrate your computer and affect the system components very badly.

Anti-virus Programs and Reimage

After scanning your PC and removing viruses from it you have also take care of damaged component of system, antivirus programs are unable to fix system files. So it is necessary to run reimage repair tool and repair all the affected system components.

Reimage Gets Rid of Virus Damage

This system repair tool uses many different virus engines concurrently. The Reimage repair tool is able to compare all the system components automatically and replace affected file with updated file. This tool can easily find the infected things and then restore healthy ones. Reimage is the only system repair program that able to clean virus damage!

Reimage is actually Windows Certified for all versions of Windows OS. A Windows certification is a good indication of a product?s good quality. Such certifications are only given to products that have been proven to be safe and well-performing with Windows Operating Systems.