What Reimage Fix

Windows errors

Windows error is an error that occurs due to any unexpected situation it also happens when a desired operation gets failed. System error is very difficult to fix manually whether you are using Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. [More..]

Blue Screen Error

Blue screen of Error or BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) is actually a stop error screen or bug check screen. This type of error is arises because of fatal system error and to describe the error Microsoft Windows family of Operating Systems display a screen that is full with error related content. [More..]

Windows DLL Errors

Windows DLL Errors are the most general errors of windows error, in DLL error system display a pop up error message that notify user about the occurrence of DLL error. This error cannot be fixed by restarting your computer or booting computer after some time like you do to fix other computer error. [More..]

Freezing Computer

System hanging or freezing regularly is very dangerous problem that can affect your computer very badly. It happens when you try to executing any particular application or want to run any other task on your windows system. [More..]

Virus Damage

It is not compulsory that a virus infected computer work properly after removing virus through any antivirus program. It happens because viruses damaged many system files and alter system settings. [More..]

Windows Repair

Reinstallation of windows is a better option if your system unable to work properly. But it is a time taking and difficult process for the normal user. Windows installation involves lengthy back-ups and long installations process and takes almost a day to complete. [More..]

What Reimage Doesnot Fix

3rd part program

Reimage tool doesn’t repair any third party software that installed in your PC, it does not fix or restore third party related files that are provided or include with the operating system. All the system utilities that we install in our computer system to make our task easier called third party program, such as software like Microsoft (MS) Office, Skype, Adobe Software, ICQ, Winamp, Mozilla Firefox, iTunes, Non-MS Games etc.

Virus Protection

This tool is not a proper antivirus tool, it can only able to fix or restore virus affected files and system components. Reimage repair tool doesn’t provide any preventative protection against computer malware or viruses. It is necessary to use antivirus program in order to remove computer malware and viruses. After removing them you can use this repair tool and repair corrupt or damaged system components that is damaged by virus infection.

Hardware Issue

The beginning scan brings together the general hardware profile like Hard Drive (HD), Random Access Memory (RAM), and Central Processing Unit (CPU). And display those parts that may require to be replaced in order to increase your system performance. But Reimage repair tool doesn’t repair hardware problems.

Reimage is actually Windows Certified for all versions of Windows OS. A Windows certification is a good indication of a product?s good quality. Such certifications are only given to products that have been proven to be safe and well-performing with Windows Operating Systems.