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Fix Windows Errors

Fix Window Errors, System Crashes, Freezing Issues and more

  • It fixes Registry Error, Blue screen error, Dll error and all other PC error.
  • Scans your PC/laptop for any stability issues and displays in the analysis report.
  • It performs complete scans for malicious programs and delete then accordingly.
  • Repairs corrupt registry entries, invalid data & registry keys.
  • Increases the system boot times and arrange the files to make them faster.
  • Supports all Windows version including Windows 10.

Why Reimage

Reimage is one of its kind program. It not only optimizes PC, fixes registry issues or scan for viruses. It prevents you from reinstalling Windows again by reversing the damage done to the PC by restoring the damaged files and improves Windows performance.

Repair & Build Windows

Reimage effectively repair and replaces all critical Windows system files that are required to run Windows system properly without any lag. During this process it does not harm the user data. In fact Reimage also restores compromised registry values and system settings with default Microsoft settings so that you always get fresh PC.

Repair Virus Damage

Infected PC never remains the same even if you have completely removed all the viruses. It is because malware’s often modify important system files and removing viruses does not revert those changes. What you are left with is PC full of errors. So, modifying and restoring those files are very crucial for smooth PC performance.

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Stop Crashing & Freezing

Computer freezing and crashing mainly occurs when your PC fails to respond to commands given to it. During this situation all Windows belonging to the frozen program become static and the only way out is to restart the PC with On/Off or reset button. To resolve this issue unnecessary resource consuming need programs need to be killed and that’s what Reimage does.

Restore & Replace DLL Files

Constant installing and uninstalling programs overwrite DLL files with new versions without considering that existing programs might still need old version to operate. As a result old programs begin to crash. Restoration and replacement of damaged DLL files are important for smooth running of PC.

What it Fixes

Windows error is an error that occurs due to any unexpected situation it also happens when a desired operation gets failed. System error is very difficult to fix manually whether you are using Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Due to this type of error you cannot run computer freely, it starts getting freeze regularly, start crashing, or system display error when user run any programs.
If you avoiding these situation that occurring due to system error then it is possible that windows gets totally corrupt after few days. So it is necessary to repair system error as soon as you spot it.

Reimage and Windows Errors

You can try any manual method to fix windows error but it is almost impossible because it happens due to any internal problem and it is very difficult to find affected internal file. And what when this Windows error occurs due to virus problem? The answer is professional Windows Repair software and here comes Advanced System Repair Pro tool.
Run this tool and scan your system deeply through it. Reimage take very small time to find and fix files system and components that are reasons of those Windows errors. It automatically repairs the files through its more than 25,000,000 online components and makes the windows system error free.

Blue screen of Error or BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) is actually a stop error screen or bug check screen. This type of error is arises because of fatal system error and to describe the error Microsoft Windows family of Operating Systems display a screen that is full with error related content. This error is very dangerous and occurs when user wants to install any software or during the installation process of windows. After the occurrence of this error user have to restart system manually. These types of error are generally hardware or driver related causing the system to stop reacting.

How to fix Blue Screen of Death?

There is no any manual method to fix BSoD error because it happens due to unsuspected software problems in device drivers. The only method to repair BSoD error is by applying Advanced System Repair Pro tool, this tool is able to remove BSoD error and make your computer error free. It is very advanced tool that uses its online database and replaces the affected file very efficiently. It works very professionally and takes very small time to remove this type of error; if it found any hardware related problem then it will display all information about the hardware. This error repair tool is the best option to repair blue Screen Error.

Windows DLL Errors are the most general errors of windows error, in DLL error system display a pop up error message that notify user about the occurrence of DLL error. This error cannot be fixed by restarting your computer or booting computer after some time like you do to fix other computer error.
DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is very important part of any software or application. We cannot imagine the application programs without DLL files. If the DLL file is affected then program or software gets unable to run properly. A single DLL file is shared by number of application program so that it is possible that a corrupt DLL file can affect many installed programs.
If DLL file gets corrupt or deleted from the system unintentionally then it is impossible to recover or repair it manually, so to fix it you have to use Advanced System Repair Pro tool and fix DLL errors without any trouble. It able to restore your corrupt DLL files and so that it makes your installed software as previous.

What Reimage does to Repair DLL file:

  • This tool will restore the missing or damaged DLL files with the updated DLL file present in its online database.
  • Along with the damaged or deleted DLL file it will also update the other DLL file.

System hanging or freezing regularly is very dangerous problem that can affect your computer very badly. It happens when you try to executing any particular application or want to run any other task on your windows system. There are many causes that turn a healthy system to hanging and freezing system such as disk fragmentation, virus infection, hardware problem etc. it is very common scenario that happens with almost the computer user. After computer freezing you cannot move the cursor, selected application become motionless, you get unable to type on the keyboard.
To recover from this situation some user restart the computer and after restarting system works efficiently but after some time it gets freeze.

How to Fix "Computer Screen Freeze"

You have to increase RAM of your system or close those unwanted programs that are running in the background of your computer. You can also try the given manual method to end the unresponsive task.

Follow the following steps:
  • Open the Task manager by pressing ctrl + Alt + del buttons at the same time.
  • End the unresponsive programs by clicking on it. Select 'End Task' after clicking on the task.
  • Some unresponsive program will take time to closing so wait until the non-responsive programs should closed.

To fix computer hanging situation permanently you have to use system repair tool, apply Advanced System Repair Pro tool and make your system fast and efficient even after running numerous programs at the same time.

It is not compulsory that a virus infected computer work properly after removing virus through any antivirus program. It happens because viruses damaged many system files and alter system settings. Antivirus program can only able to remove viruses form computer system but not to repair system files affected by the computer virus.
After removing virus why did my computer start displaying error message? And the answer is very simple virus damaged your system files and other components. Trojans and viruses come into computer and hide itself into the computer. Viruses can secretly penetrate your computer and affect the system components very badly.

Anti-virus Programs and Reimage

After scanning your PC and removing viruses from it you have also take care of damaged component of system, antivirus programs are unable to fix system files. So it is necessary to run Advanced System Repair Pro tool and repair all the affected system components.

Reimage Gets Rid of Virus Damage

This system repair tool uses many different virus engines concurrently. The Advanced System Repair Pro tool is able to compare all the system components automatically and replace affected file with updated file. This tool can easily find the infected things and then restore healthy ones. It is the only system repair program that able to clean virus damage!.

Reinstallation of windows is a better option if your system unable to work properly. But it is a time taking and difficult process for the normal user. Windows installation involves lengthy back-ups and long installations process and takes almost a day to complete.
Here’s come Advanced System Repair Pro tool, it is the best repair tool that saves your precious time and removes unnecessary process.

This tool will save your time and harass of having to:
  • You don’t have to download registry cleaners and system optimizers that basically don't work properly.
  • If your computer system have virus then it inform the user.
  • Repair broken system files, recover license keys and passwords.

How It Works

This efficient system repair tool executes a systematic process to repair any computer system. First it scans your PC throughly, then it diagnoses the faults, and finally repairs damaged computer efficiently.

Advanced System Repair Pro Process

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