How Reimage Works

This efficient system repair tool executes a systematic process to repair any computer system. It scans, diagnoses, and then repairs your damaged computer with its influential technology. It not only repairs your Windows Operating System it undo the harm already done with a full database of replaced files.

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Quick Scan & Detect

It is very fast and efficient system repair tool that quick scan of your computer’s Windows operating system expose exact information. The information provided by this tool is very useful and inform us the problems related to system.

Security Threats? CHECK

Computer malwares such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, crime ware, root kits, and other malicious and unnecessary codes. It also display the malware related information, any files that have been marked as malicious for your system will be disabled.

Hardware Issues? CHECK

Low system memory, speed of hard disk, CPU temperature and other hardware related information are scanned by the reimage tool. And if any problem founds in the hardware then it acknowledge the user, it also advise the solutions for the detected problems.

Stability Issues? CHECK

It records the history of system crash, and this tool will also inform you that what application crash most frequently. So it helps to detect the corrupt or damaged application program.

Activate and Start Repair

Now activate the license key and start repair. Reimage patented technology, is the only PC Repair program of its kind that actually reverses the damage done to your operating system.

All Malware found will deactivate then quarantine by repair process and then remove virus damage. All the corrupted or damaged System Files, Registry Keys and DLL will be replaced with new healthy files from continuously updated online database, so that your PC's performance, security and stability will be restored and even improve

Reimage is actually Windows Certified for all versions of Windows OS. A Windows certification is a good indication of a product?s good quality. Such certifications are only given to products that have been proven to be safe and well-performing with Windows Operating Systems.