How-to-Clean-Edit-and-Fix-Your-Windows-Registry-and-Speed-Up-Your-PCFed up with your desktop? Does your computer start doing competition with snail? Have you noticed that your fastest computer is now running slower? Is your desktop dotted with the files? Have you find that the hard drive light is flashing when you wait for the Windows to respond to an action? You are facing these issue because you computer ha become old and need to be repaired. So it’s time to clean your PC. To get the same speed of your PC you need to clean your Windows Desktop.

Have you saved too much files on your Desktop?

Each time the Windows starts the operating memory is been used for all the files on your desktop. And if all those files are Shortcuts, then the total amount of memory used is going to be small. But there are lots of files on your desktop then it will lots of operating memory with no purpose. If there is less memory on your

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Computer then will run very slow as it have to swap all the information from the

operating memory to hard drive. This process is known as memory paging that keep everything that user want to do while running at the same time.

Clean Your Desktop

If you find that this is the reason behind the degraded speed of your PC then it’s better to clean your PC so that you can make it faster as before. To clean your desktop it is better to put the files on “My Documents” folder. If you are having lost of file then it is good to make a separate folder for them. Now create a shortcut folder on your desktop as it uses very less operating memory as well you can sue more quickly without giving much burden to your PC.

When you will do this you will find that you will get free operating memory that will reduce the time and frequency of hard drive which is used and on the same time improve the response of your operating system to programs which you access and other things to do. This impel action will surely make your PC run faster. But if you still working slow then you don’t know what is make your PC slower because there are many other reason that make your PC run very slow and even lead to frequent crash.

Sometime the computer virus and other malicious malware make your CP slow but infecting or creating duplicate files that can burden your computer and make your system run like a snail.

If you still finding that you PC is running slow then you need to use third party repair that can help you clean and increase the speed of your PC. Reimage Repair Tool help you to identify and fix the windows registry errors, DLL errors, BSOD error, virus infection etc. By the help of this repair tool you can easily clean up your windows.

Sometime it happen that no having the technical knowledge acts as a barrier between you and you PC but this repair tool is perfect for you if you are having the same issue. It doesn’t need nay technical skill for the person to operate it. It provides few simple steps that will help the user to clean their PC with an ease. After having this tool you need not to pay extra charge for your computer maintenance.



How to cleanup and Speed up Windows