hidden windows 10 features

Windows 10 is the latest operating system and is officially been unleashed upon the world. This is being used by many users, but still, there are users who are unaware of its features. This latest operating system is been with us for close to a year, but even there are lots of features that you are unaware and a user may not have found everything it has offered. Here in this article we are going to describe11 hidden features of Windows 10, which you want to start using and will make your life easier.


1) The hidden battery report

Well, these hidden features help the user who0 are using tablets or laptop. So if you are tablet or laptop user then there is a requirement to keep an eye on the battery levels, in some cases, it can be done quickly by glancing down at the notification area.  In windows 10 it provides a more detailed and thorough battery report that provide useful information about the overall health and also how much time of use user is getting g between charges.

The user can start this feature, follow the given steps:

  • Right-click on the Start menu button and select  Command Prompt (Admin), > type powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery_report.html” into new command window.
  • Next, open the HTML file to get a host of useful stats and data on battery. In fact, in the older versions of the Windows, the different versions of battery report is also available.

2) Print to PDF

This is not the very exciting feature but is really useful for lots of Windows 10 users because this saves time and other troubles to mess around with the plug-ins. Here a user can choose an output format and in whatever program user want to print from the (standard desktop or universal app), select Microsoft Print to PDF from the available printers. Here, the print options are not much and this is the bonus. All the user needs to select filename and location and you’re all set. The Microsoft Edge opens PDFs if you need to check on the outputted file.

3) Create Desktop

Here in the windows 10 users can customize the desktop toolbar and make it more powerful only by doing some tweaks in the configuration menu and adding a Web address bar and desktop links.

To do so:

  • Click on the toolbar > right-click in any unused space and then select the “Toolbars” tab.
  • Now check off one of three options: Address, Desktop, and Links. And with the address bar, quickly type in a Web site and launch the browser. Links allows you to do the same but through saved bookmarks.
  • Next, instead of launching desktop directly, the Desktop link brings up the folders and other locations on the PC.

4) The Command Prompt Gets Simpler

Well, this is the feature that all the new users are going to dig. Here Microsoft has added class to the older CMD. Now the user can easily copy and paste the commands into it. This is easy than that of typing the long directory names or commands that the user come across over the Internet every day.

5) The God Mode shortcut

This is the latest shortcut and another trick that is around for several generations in Windows and this is still in this latest Operating system. This provides the users quick and easy access to some of the key parts of the Windows operating system.

Create the latest folder anywhere you like on your system and name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (you can also replace “GodMode” with anything you like). Then double-click on a newly created folder and now you are able to play around with settings for devices, networks, attached displays and more.

6) Xbox screen recorder

This is the latest feature in windows 10 this provides the screen recording software. This is planned for recording gameplay exploits, but this can be used to record about anything happening on your display.

  1. All you need to do is to launch the Xbox app from the Start menu or taskbar, then move to the settings pane (through the gear icon) to get the Game DVR options suitably configured.
  2. Switch to the program that you want to record, use the Win+G keyboard shortcut to bring up the recording console (user can also utilize the keyboard shortcuts listed to start and stop recordings). The recording activity is only limited to the current window but is still a useful method of capturing how-to video, something bizarre that’s popped up on Twitter, and so on.

7) Check the Apps space

This is best and useful feature in windows 10. The user can now easily know the list of the drives on your PC and also check how much space apps, photos, videos, and more take up on that particular drive.

To utilize it go within the Settings > System > Storage a list of the drives on the PC and click on the drive, the user will get a handy breakdown of how much space apps, photos, videos, and more take up on that particular drive. Now, click each of those subcategories to get more detail.

Now user can find the list of apps the most useful of all of these. This is really great to keep tabs on the list and which is using up all the space so that you can easily decide which one you can.

8) Spoken Reminders

This is the awesome feature in Windows 10 and user can utilize this for reminding some of the useful things. This is really helpful for the professional as well as personal users. To utilize this follow steps to do so:

Press the mic icon in the search bar, and the digital assistant Cortana listens for spoken commands. Now Cortana can provide the relevant information directly into calendar, email, reminder and calculator apps. Attempt saying “Remind me to attend the meeting at 10 pm,” and the user will get a sense of the possibilities.

9) Forget-Me-Not Files

This is another hidden feature of the Windows 10. This is really amazing and very useful. If in case you forget any file name or name of the PowerPoint deck? Here just enter the file type of “.ppt” in the search bar and this will show up every saved PowerPoint file, sorted by relevance like Word docs, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint and another file format.

10) Notebook

This hidden feature is also very useful in Windows 10 but many users are not aware of it. Cortona follows the search and browsing activity with the attempt to interpret user personal tastes. The user can user this simply by the cut to the chase by pressing the notebook icon in Cortana’s settings and filling user preferences directly.

Well, the more privacy concerned users can also cut off Cortana’s senses by pressing “Manage what Cortana knows about me in the cloud.” option.

11) All Apps, Now With App Snapping

App snapping is hidden feature and user will not realize that they require this awesome feature until they know it by going there. This feature is not a new feature this a later been attach of Windows 8 but Windows 10 improves this feature by expanding the function to ALL installed apps.

The user can use it, by dragging an app window to the top corner of the monitor screen. This will then “snap” into the corner nice and snug, and take up one-half of the screen. Then this opens another app window, just drag it into the opposite top corner of the monitor screen, and watch it fill up the remaining space on the screen. Now the user has four different windows, each taking up 25 % of the screen. Just push the window towards one of the four corners of the screen, and watch them snap into place.

Using this will help the user to browse the Internet while taking notes in MS Word or Notepad. Or can also compare what a web page looks like in various different browsers. No more switching between apps with a mouse, here it can all stay on the screen at the same time.


Well, these are some of the amazing Windows 10 that is still not known by many of the windows 10 users but it is also obvious that there are so many features which we are missed out in Windows 10. Here we tried our best to bring some of the most useful and advanced features in the latest Windows 10. If you are the one who knows about any of the amazing hidden features in Windows 10 then let us know in the below comments section and know what really makes Windows 10 great (or not). Go for it.

11 Hidden Windows 10 Features That Will Make Your Life Easier