Protect Your PC/Laptop From Malware in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system, this is safer and secure than other Windows OS. Many users think that protecting the Windows OS against malware and viruses can easily be done by using the built-in security tools. But this is not enough as the malware and viruses are stronger and dangerous so you need to do a little more to protect your PC/laptop from viruses and malware.

The Windows 10 Preview Build 14352 is the remarking of builds and this brings more than 20 fixes. It offers Cortana, Ink, and Feedback Hub improvements, and also most improved protection from malware and viruses with the Limited Periodic Scanning feature.

In Windows 10, Windows Defender is the best tool and this works to protect PC from various malicious software and malware juts by scanning once. But this will itself turn off if you install another antivirus program. So, now Microsoft allows to perform the automatic scan with the Windows Defender even if a third party antivirus software is running on the PC/laptop, this is really awesome as if any malware/viruses remain undetected by the third-party antivirus software can now be removed.


But this doesn’t mean that Windows Defender remains active for all the time, the two programs will only run at the same time for a short period of time, only at the time when users scan their PC/laptop. This double-layer protection is best for the system to protect your system from malicious malware and viruses.

To use this double-layer protection you can make use of Limited Periodic Scanning, this is best and new security settings that are needed to turn on, if you are using antivirus program other than Windows Defender. This setting is best to protect your system and provide additional security in scanning and detect malware/viruses easily.

Follow the steps to enable this feature:

  1. Go to Settings and then go to Update and Security
  2. After that Windows Defender and turn on the Limited Periodic Scanning

Scanning will be executed only when the PC/laptop is not in use and this will not put any impact on the system.  And after completing the scanning process the scan result appears in the Windows Defender and the notifications are visible in the notification system and in the Action Center.

Scan Your PC with the Professional Recommended Solution  

You can make use of the PC Repair Tool, this is the best repair tool that has the ability to reverse the damages done to the PC just by scanning once. This is the best tool to detect various malicious software, malware and viruses easily.  This is a repair utility that can help to fix the Windows operating system from damages caused by viruses, malware, spyware and many others. This helps to make the PC error free and fix the problem of crashes, freezes, blue screen errors and much more. It also optimizes the performance of the PC/laptop and enhances the speed of the PC, the application installed. It only fixes the errors but also keeps the eye on how PC hardware are running and detect the hardware problem so that the user can get them repaired. This is the excellent tool to fix various errors in the Operating system. this can repair various errors like DLL error, Windows error, Application error, repair Registry utilities, PC error, Blue screen of Death errors, slow computer, and various other Windows error messages. It is easy to use and fixes the error automatically so there is no need to contact and technical person.


  • It scans and fixes all kinds of errors easily. The software automatically scans and shows the current level of registry damage on PC, the exact number of errors, and when the last scan was completed.
  • This software processes an online database of more than 25 million definitions and other update connection that is important in maintaining the PC.
  • This tool has the latest repair method and takes the backup of the Windows system and working as a recovery system.
  • It can also recover the missing passwords. And increases the system booting time by defragmenting the system drivers.
  • It provides the best online repairing solution for the Windows operating system.
  • It repairs any sort of damages to the registry automatically without affecting the PC and also creates the valid backup automatically.
  • It is a scheduled repair tool that automatically scans and repairs the errors as per set duration.
  • Fix the startup tools that are launched automatically when you start your PC
  • This tool will also take care of system registry, CPU memory and hard drive of the computer system.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Here Follow Top 8 Tips to Make Your PC Safe

In our daily fast life, it is important to take couple minutes to make our PC safe as far as possible. This couple of minutes of our precious time could save weeks or month of hassle. So go through our 8tips for having a safe PC:

1. Have an updated anti-virus or anti- malware program installed

Make sure that you have an updated anti-virus or anti-malware program, that can detect and prevents threats more quickly. This helps you to prevent malicious PC attacks and reduce identity theft.

2. Perform frequent malware scans

Malware is rampant on the internet and all it takes is a single interruption, file infection or security loophole to completely demolish your system. So it is important to regularly scan your PC as it helps to perform thorough scans of the registry, files, folders and current processes. It also helps to remove keyloggers, hijackers, adware and other malicious applications.

3. Keep your software updated

You need to update your computer software, operating system. You need to update your Windows, browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox etc, and any other software installed. If possible you can enable auto-update to make sure your PC is as updated as possible. This is important for avoiding further annoyance.

4. Use a Firewall

Windows firewall helps to protect your PC and network connection. Firewall filters and monitors data from the internet and block information that is not allowed. This helps to provide protection from the unauthorized remote, logins, emails hijacking, backdoor access to certain applications on network machines, and viruses. So it is highly recommended to have some type of firewall on your PC.

5. Be careful of what you download and from where you download

As there are tons of spam and scams exist on the internet so it is recommended to be cautious of the websites that you are visiting and files you are downloading. Most applications predict as they are secure and trusted but in reality, they contain some form of malware (virus, adware, browser hijacker, spyware and much more)

So pay close attention to download the file from the secure website.

6. Beware of emails and email attachments

Email is the most common way for scamming and spamming. It is the common platform to steal information, sell the product or irritate. So it is imperative to wary emails and avoids opening an unexpected email attachment. So if you are not expecting to receive an email attachment it is likely garbage. This is important to prevent disaster.

7. Perform frequent backups

Backing up your PC regularly protects you from unexpected crashes. It is suggested to have automatic backups as it is likely creating system restore point automatically. So if in case your PC crashes this will help you to prevent the situation of data loss.

8. Use different passwords on different websites

Generally, we have the habit of having the same password but it is extremely dangerous, as if in case the password is leaked, someone can access to each and every account you access. So it is suggested to avoid this habit and make use of strong password and different password on different sites



How to Protect Your PC/Laptop From Malware in Windows 10