Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x800706b5,

Are you getting the Windows Update error 0x800706b5, while trying to install the updates and during searching for the latest updates then this article is for you? Here check out the complete information about the update error 0x800706b5 and the possible working solutions.

Windows is the most commonly used platform and this undoubtedly comes with amazing latest features. But apart from its popularity Windows OS users are found facing problem during updating their Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS with the latest windows update.

Generally, the user successfully accesses the service and launches the search for pending updates. It is found that there are two types of Windows update bugs, such as the search fails and show zero updates and secondly an error message or list of available updates is delivered, but could not be installed due to various unpleasant reasons. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss one of the most irritating Windows Update error 0x800706b5.

Well, this irritating error code is not so latest but many users are still facing it:

User Experience:

I’m facing a problem with Windows Update service while trying to installing the pending updates, I receive error code 0x800706b5 and none of the updates are installed. I don’t know how to fix it? Please Help!!!

error Code 0x800706b5,

It is really difficult to determine what is causing the Windows Update errors but there are some of the common problems that might cause the issue as fixing them helps to get rid of the Windows Update error to many users.


What Causes the Windows Update Error 0x800706b5?


  1. Due to installation failure of the files
  2. Might occur due to incorrectly configured update files
  3. Windows Update Service issues
  4. Due to corrupted Windows files
  5. Outdated drivers can cause the error
  6. Incompatible Internet proxy configuration
  7. Due to nasty malware or virus in the Windows OS

These are common causes of the behind the error 0x800706b5, to fix it here follow some of the working solutions that help you to fix Windows update error code 0x800706b5.


How To Fix Error Code 0x800706b5 in Windows


Method 1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter


You can make use of the Windows Update Troubleshooter, this tool is developed by Microsoft for detecting and fixing Windows Updates issues. But, yet in some cases, it is also found people reporting that the troubleshooter fails to fix the issues, usually, it helps so, it is worth to give a try.

  • Click on Win + X key and choose Control Panel.
  • And type Troubleshooter and choose Troubleshooting from the search results.
  • Then select System and Security option and click on fix problems with Windows Updates.
  • Wait until the process is finished and then check if the error reoccurs on Windows Updates.

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Method 2: Repair Corrupted Windows System Files


Sometimes the corrupted Windows system files also cause the updates errors. So to fix error code 0x800706b5, run the SFC tool, this will repair the corrupted system files automatically.

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Go to Start and right click > run Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. Then in the command line > type sfc/scannow
  3. Hit Enter to begin the scanning process.

The whole process takes at least 15 minutes to complete the scanning process, after that restart the system and checks the error is fixed.


Method 3: Restart Windows Update Services


  1. Click on Win key + R, and write services.msc, hit Enter.
  2. Locate Windows Update service, Background Intelligent Transfer service, and Cryptographic services.
  3. Now double-click on each of them and choose Stop from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next, go to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ location and delete everything in the folder.
  5. Now after finishing it, Click Win key + R, and type services.msc, hit Enter again.
  6. Locate Windows Update service, Background Intelligent Transfer service, and Cryptographic services.
  7. And click twice on each of them and select Start from the drop-down menu.
  8. Close everything, and restart the system and try to run Windows Updates.

Hope this will help you to fix the error but if not then you can follow some other manual process like scan your PC with the advanced antivirus programs, else update the old outdated drivers, you can try updating the Windows Update by disabling the Windows Firewall temporary as this also cause issue and as the issue is resolved to turn the Windows firewall on.

This might work to fix the error but if still not then you can scan your PC with the automatic repair utility.


Alternate Solution to Error Code 0x800706b5


It is recommended to scan your PC with the professional recommended Windows Error Fixer. This is the professional recommended tool and is the best tool that is designed with the advanced algorithm to detect and fixes the Windows update related errors automatically. It is a repair utility that helps you to fix the windows operating system from damage caused by spyware, malware, spyware and many others. This is an excellent tool to fix various errors in the Operating system. this can repair various errors like DLL error, Windows error, Application error, repair Registry utilities, PC error, Blue screen of Death errors, slow computer, and various other Windows error messages.



[This is an updated version of the Windows update error 0x800706b5]

Hope the solutions given in the article help you to fix the error code 0x800706b5 in Windows operating system.

Try the fixes given in the article and check which one works for you.

Apart from that, you can also make use of the automatic Windows Repair tool, to fix the error code 0x800706b5 automatically.

You can also delete the temporary files, scan your system with good antivirus software and remove unwanted software from time to time to maintain the Windows PC performance and other issues.

Additionally, if you find the article helpful or have any query, comment, questions or suggestions related, then please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

Good Luck!!!

[Working Solution] How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x800706b5
[Working Solution] How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x800706b5
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