Windows 10 Critical System Failure at Boot,

What causes the Windows system malfunction or perform sluggishly? I guess the very first thing that comes to our mind is – VIRUS INFECTION”.

Well, it is TRUE to some extent but it is not the only CULPRIT. There are many other things that cause the Windows system to malfunction or perform sluggishly.

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Moreover, here in this article check out what causes Windows 10 to perform slow and malfunction and as well fix the irritating Windows 10 Critical System Failure at Boot error.

While browsing the web we accidentally install unwanted software or application and this causes the major issues regarding the performance of the computer.  And causes the Windows OS to malfunction or slow down, these are most dangerous types of malicious programs.

However, these are not alone, as this unwanted software or apps also bring the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP).

The PUP is often installed parallel with some freeware and their main tasks are to trick users into giving up their passwords, credit card details and as well collect money by claiming some kind of a helpful service.

And as users start getting the error – “Critical System Failure” – Compromised Windows Security.

Windows 10 Critical System Failure at Boot is the issues closely related to the technical support scam and often get installed without user’s permission.

But this can’t be classified as a virus, malware or rootkits, as this does not harm the device not replicate itself to infect the computer.

This randomly displays the error message and prompts the user to call the number specified in the message:

Well, calling the number is no doubt is itself very expensive and possibly requires giving up some of your personal information and phone number as well. This can lead an identity theft and ever the money missing.

So here know how to fix this worrisome Windows 10 Critical System Failure at Boot error.


Troubleshoot Windows 10 Critical System Failure Issue


Solution 1: Avoid Clicking on the Pop-Up Messages


The main reason behind getting the irritating error – Critical System Failure is this.

So don’t ever click the pop-up messages that you never know what you are in for.

There are many sophisticated scammers who look like real and often make their websites look similar to websites of real companies as Microsoft or other trusted high-authority websites.

Here know what you need to do in this case from being getting trapped:

  1. Very firstly, try to exit the message as it pops up and ignore till you start working on the solution.
  2. Also if any other person apart from you uses your device then warn them not to click on it.
  3. And try to use the working solution as soon as possible:


Solution 2: Scan your Device


Now to fix it you need to scan your Windows PC/laptop completely with the healthy antivirus program.

The antimalware tools are designed in a way to deal with these scams effectively.

Moreover, Windows 10 is having its own security program – Windows Defender. But, it is seen in many cases this fails to detect the malicious programs and scammers as well.

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You can make use of the best professional recommended Windows Repair Tool. This is a unique software that protects your Windows device from various issues like protect you from file loss, virus/malware, hardware failure and optimize your PC for maximum performance as well.


Solution 3: Clear Your Browser


After scanning your device properly, now it’s time to clear your browser.

Generally, these errors are related to the browsers as this is used for accessing the internet.

In many cases, the error message shows up through the browser add-ons and extensions.

So, in this case, to get rid of this try the given steps:

  1. When the error message appears, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc  key to bring the task manager
  2. Now, locate your browser process in the Task Manager > click on End Task.
  3. And Reopen the browser and verify whether the error message loads again.
  4. If not then it’s Okay, but if it does repeat steps 1-3 a couple of times till you receive “This page has failed to load” error message.

However, if the given operation fails then try another one.

  1. Try to open your browser indirectly like by clicking on a link in email or other.
  2. Now the tab which gives you the error message appears but avoids opening it.
  3. Click on the small X button and remain on the tab you opened just now.
  4. And open Settings > locate Clear Browsing Data options > Choose What to Clear
  5. Clear everything.
  6. Next, open your browser extensions page and look for anything unusual.

Please Note: The given steps might differ from browser to browser, so you need to clear your browsing data as per your browser settings.

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Solution 4: System Restore


Well, you can also perform a system restore this is the last step, that will bring your device to the earlier state.

When this unwanted software was installed as long as you have a system restore point located somewhere in there:

Doing this will fix Windows 10 Critical System Failure at Boot error.

Please Note: Before performing the system restore you need to backup everything. As doing this might lose some installed apps, files or folder.

1. Open System Restore

  • In Windows 10 Search box type system restore and search > select Create a restore point from the list of results.
  • When the System Properties dialogue box appears > click System Protection tab > click Configure

2. Enable System Restore

  • Now, click to enable Turn on system protection
  • And utilize Max Usage slider to determine how much of your hard drive use to store Restore Points — 5% to 10% is usually enough and click OK.
  • If you need to create a Restore Point manually, then return to the dialog box > click Create button, or else Windows will create it automatically.

3. Restore your PC

  • Now, whenever you want to return to Restore Point > open System Properties dialog box again as given in Step 1 > click System Protection tab > click System Restore button.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions and choose the desired Restore Point, when prompted
  • You can also click the Scan for affected programs button before going any further
  • To check what changes on your PC/laptop afterwards > click Next

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Hope the given solution will help you to resolve the Windows 10, but if not then you can scan your PC/laptop with the Windows Repair Tool to check your device health and fix other issues as well.


Check Your Windows PC/Laptop Health


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Final Thoughts:


Make use of the given solution to fix the Windows 10 critical system failure at boot error.

Well, after writing the article it is clear, we should be careful while browsing the web and avoid clicking the pop-ups, ads unless it is Safe for us.

And also remember always be cautious and safe while browsing the web, downloading free programs, clicking links, visiting adults sites and many others.

Because “It Is Better To Be Safe Than Sorry”.

Apart from that, always keep your drivers, Windows system updated to avoid common issues and keep your PC healthy.

Additionally, if you find the article helpful or have any query, comment, questions or suggestions related to it, then please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

Good Luck!!!

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