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Are you the one struggling with the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, and looking for the fixes then here read what goes wrong with your Windows system and how to fix BSOD error in Windows.

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The Blue screen of death error is also known as STOP error, this is a serious issue that appears when any serious issue occurs in Windows operating system.

 Blue Screen of Death, the word itself scares as it sounds. This is commonly faced by the users due to hardware or driver related issues and a result the PC restarts after the BSOD error.

Apart from that, there are many other reasons as well that causes the Blue screen of death in Windows operating system. Here check out the some of the common ones.

  • Commonly due to hardware or driver related issues
  • Due to registry issues
  • DLL issues or the missing or corrupt DLL files
  • Fault RAM
  • Hard disk failure
  • The virus and malware infection also causes the BSOD error

These are some of the common reasons responsible for the getting the BSOD error in Windows.  And know here check out what are the fixes of the Blue screen of death. 


How to Fix Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Error


The first thing that you need to do to fix BSOD error in Windows operating system is boot into Safe Mode. Press F8 key continuously to boot while rebooting your system.


Reason 1: Overheating


Well, this is the most common causes of getting the BSOD error. Overheating can cause various issues as well in Windows system. so, it is important to make sure your system CPU fans are working properly to avoid overheating.

What to do: Wait until your system gets cooler and then try to switch it on. But if it occurs frequently then visit Repair Centre to fix the issue.

How to fix it: Make sure your system CPU fans are working properly and keep your PC clean. Also, avoid placing your system where there is proper ventilation.

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Reason 2: Risky Installation


If after installing any new software or program your PC refuses to boot up then it might happen you are struggling with the Blue screen of death error. Make sure not to download the software from the third party malicious website.

What to do: Roll back your drivers. Go to Control Panel and select the software which is creating the problem. Right click on it and go to properties. There select Driver Tab and choose Rollback drivers. If your computer declined to do so the uninstall the software or program installed.

How to fix it:  If uninstalling the software won’t help you to fix BSOD error then try performing a system restore. Doing this will save your PC’s to its most successful and roll it back to that particular state when the problem occurs. This is an easy way to fix the issues responsible for the BSOD Error.


Reason 3: Updates


To get rid of various Windows issues and BSOD errors, it is important to keep your Windows OS and drivers updates.

What to do: Check for the latest updates and install it

How to fix: To update the Windows operating system with the latest updates you can set your system to automatically updates or also check for the updates manually.

You can visit the Microsoft Official website and for the driver the manufacturer website to install the latest updates.

For updating the driver automatically you can make use of the Free Driver Booster.               

Reason 4: Hard Drive


It might happen due to the hard drive issues you are experiencing Windows BSOD Blue Screen of Death error.

What to do: Try to clean or delete files from system hard drive to free some space in safe mode. Remove the external device attached to the system such as pen drive, hard drive, etc. If nothing works, then you have left with nothing to do but to show your PC to the professional. Or you may change the hard drive.

How to fix: Don’t store any useless program and always keep enough memory. Carefully use your PC and avoid all the falls.


Reason 5: Cables


Check your Windows cables are properly plugged in or not. Or the internal cables are disconnected.

What to do: Never think to try to handle this error by yourself. Visit the nearest service center or contact a technically savvy person.

How to Fix: In this case check your PC external cables and plug-in carefully. And for internal cables contact a professional person.

So these are common issues that cause the blue screen of death error and resolving it fixes the BSOD error in Windows operating system. Apart from that, there are many other fixes that help you to get rid of the blue screen of death permanently: Complete Fixes to Get Rid of BSoD or Stop Error


Check Your Windows PC/Laptop Health


You can make use of the professional recommended solution  Windows Repair tool, to fix various Windows update errors and other related issues. This is the advanced tool that scan, detect and repair various Windows operating system issues such as corruption, damages of the Windows system files, malware/viruses, protect you from file loss, hardware issues and many more. You can also fix various issues like BSOD error, DLL error, Registry issues, drivers issues, games related issues, application error and many others. This not only fixes the errors but also optimize your Windows PC performance and fix other issues without any hassle.




So this is all about the blue screen of death error in Windows.

Here check out the complete solutions to fix it and the issues that cause BSOD error.

Also, check the device drivers and update them,  delete the temporary files, scan your system with good antivirus software and remove unwanted software from time to time to maintain the Windows PC performance and other issues.

Additionally, if you find the article helpful or have any query, comment, questions or suggestions related, then please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

Good Luck!!!

Blue Screen of Death - Top 5 Reasons and Its Fixes
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