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Confused about the Anniversary update and the Creator update, want to know which is better than I am here to help you out. Here check out the complete differences between Creators update and the Anniversary update. 

Windows 10 is approaching to celebrate its second anniversary and Microsoft two major updates are with us – The Anniversary Update and the Creators Update. The Anniversary update was the first major feature update to Windows 10 and released on the anniversary.

And now the second biggest Creators update is on the existing machine. As the name suggests Creators Update focuses on helping the user to become more creative with Windows 10. This introduces a set of creative-focused features includes some small and welcome additions. However, the improvements are mere additions of what the Anniversary Update has already started last year.

Well, the users are found confused about Creators Update versus Anniversary Update, which one is better. Therefore, in this article, check the points how the Creators update differ from its predecessor update?

Let’s Find Out…


# Here Check out Difference Between Creators Update and Anniversary Update:


1. Improved Cortana Setup


With the Anniversary update launch, Cortana Moves beyond the desktop to the lock screen. Now the users are able to ask Microsoft’s digital assistant about the weather or for performing certain jobs like playing the song even without log into their PC.

The Intel’s wake-up-voice chip gets the credit; Cortana is able to wake up even when the system is asleep to answer the user questions.

The latest Creators update adds new tricks to Cortana. Now users use the digital assistant even when the PC/laptop is inactive or locked for a long period of time. Users can also set recurring reminders and the improved Cortana easily scan the Office 365 as well as Outlook for pledging whether you previously made or set reminders as based on details.

With the Creators update, Cortana is more advanced and learned new voice commands, as users can now utilize the digital assistant to turn off or reboot the PC/laptop, lock your screen, adjust system volume or put your device to sleep mode. The other advancement is in the pipeline, you can synchronize apps between devices. As now you can start from where you left off in the Microsoft edge from another device through a link in the Action center, this is just amazing.

Here the user has the new Universal Clipboard feature that let you copy content from one device’s clipboard to another with the amazing “Copy to” voice command. The Creators update adds notification sync to Cortana, this helps in viewing notification across multiple devices. This will push notification from your Windows 10 Mobile device to your PC.



2. Advanced Microsoft Edge


In the earlier anniversary update, the Microsoft’s Edge was still there, however it yet included support for extensions including Adblock, Evernote, LastPass, Amazon, Pinterest, and Pocket. The anniversary update added other features to Edge such as user can pin tabs in the browser, history menu, a paste and go tool for the address bar, swipe navigations, web notifications and much more.

Now the Creators Update has expanded those features. As users now set aside tab to use it later, save their current browsing session for later, play 4K Netflix videos and also read eBooks within the browser.

In the Creator’s update Edge is having the latest Web Payments API, as the website can offer a Microsoft wallet payment option. By default, flash is disabled within Edge with Creators Update, this help to beef up browsing security.

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3. More Control over Security


Security and privacy are the prime priority in the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. The anniversary update allowed the users performing offline scans with the Windows Defender to avoid malware, other malicious programs from compromising internet connections. Microsoft also added the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection to the Anniversary update to endeavor users to prevent advanced malicious attacks on the networks and Windows Information Protection.

Well, now in the Creators Update users can easily check the health of their PC/laptop with the latest Windows Defender Security Center and offers extra notifications about the device health. Users also use the console to control how the device is needed to be used. It also supplies a button called “Fresh start” to perform a clean installation of Windows.


4. Improved Start Menu


In the anniversary update, the Start menu is somewhat overhauled as that in the Windows 10 and this makes the users confused. For Example, the original Start menu displays the commonly used and recently added apps at the bottom of the menu by clicking ALL APPS button. Additionally, the anniversary update moved the power and settings options as an icon to the left-hand rail. And, to the right is the tiles and Action Center button.

The Creators update has fixed all the confusion by bringing them back to order as now in Windows 10 users gets the group tiles in the Start menu into the folders. Users can simply drag and drop a tile onto another tile to add two or more than two tiles into a single folder. When you will click or tap the tile folder a drop-down panel shows its content.



5. Advanced Action Center


In the Anniversary Update, the various tweaks are incorporated, that helps in setting priority levels for individual apps to control which notification appears at the top of the Action Center feed. There was also as an option for limiting the number of notifications a given app could push to the Action center.

Now the Creators Update has the improved Quick Action Icons and adds volume and brightness sliders to the Action Center. Now user can easily monitor the progress of notifications. As now you can see how much time is left for a download in progress.


6. Highly Advanced Paint 3D


In Windows Paint is always being a part but this not much changed in the anniversary update. However, in the Creators update, the Paint 3D allows the familiar paintbrush to work directly on the 3D, as well as on the favorite photos become stickers on 3D models. The user can paint in 2D, also draw shapes and extrude them into 3D space, add text and import shapes from the ‘Remix 3D’ library and also upload your creations. In the Creators update, it is much more touch-friendly than its regular Paint app, and the users can utilize a stylus like the Surface Pen to add footnotes to and craft objects.


7. Better Control over Updates and Privacy


This is not a much bigger change in the Windows 10 Creators Update, but this has a big impact for the users who wish to have better control over updates. Well, this is also seen in the anniversary update but users are found facing issues of the automatically rebooting machines for updates. The Creators update helps the users to control them easily in a better way. Now the user pauses the updates for a week or configures active hours in Windows 10 for up to 18 hours a day.

Now, the users rapidly review and configure features like diagnostics, speech recognition, location, and relevant ads. These updates and privacy are always a big priority for the Microsoft and in creators update, this has some improved extensions in it, which makes it better.

8. Other Differences


There are still some other features that make the latest Creators Update of Windows 10 stand on the top and set apart from its predecessor updates like Game Mode, Night Light, Powershell, and others.


Final Words:


Well, after writing the article I came to the conclusion that the Creators Update is better as this is having many advanced features and improvements in it.

But we also don’t ignore the point that the improvements are mere extensions of the Anniversary Updates, therefore, both are important. But if we are talking about which one is better than definitely, the Creators Update is the Winner.

Hope after reading this article all your confusion was gone. And you easily came to the conclusion to get the latest Creators update and utilize its advanced and new features.

That’s it!

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Vs Creators Update Know Which is Better
Windows 10 Anniversary Vs Creators Update Know Which is Better
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Windows 10 Anniversary Vs Creators Update Know Which is Better
From Paint 3D to Game Mode, Nightlight and many more Creators Update is having amazing new features. Here find out the interesting difference between Creators Update & Anniversary Update...
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