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Is your Windows 10 PC taking a long time to shutdown? Or you are the one wondering how to speed up the slow shutdown process in Windows 10.  Then this tutorial is for you here check out the complete steps to fast shutdown Windows 10.

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Commonly the Windows operating system shutdown quickly unless there is no any problem that causes the shutdown delay.

But if you find your system is taking a long time to shutdown then this can be solved easily all you need to modify some Registry items.

Well, the issue commonly appears because the Windows 10 system needs to wait for the running applications to close first. And this is the unique issue that causes the slow shut down on Windows 10.

Please Note:  Modifying the system registries is quite risky so it is recommended to create a backup copy of all the important files, folders, and applications to overcome the danger of data loss or damage the operating system.  

Now follow the given steps one by one to allow Windows 10 quick shutdown.


How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Shutdown


Solution 1: Change WaitToKillServiceTimeout value


Well, if you have enabled Windows fast startup, then this helps you to reduce Windows boot time.  And for fast Windows 10 shutdown change WaitToKillServiceTimeout value.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press Windows + R button > in the run dialog box > type regedit > hit Enter

Please Note: If prompted by users account control window > left click on Yes button to proceed.

  • Then on the left side panel double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder
  • From HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder > locate and double click on SYSTEM
  • Now locate and open CurrentControlSet folder > double-click to open Control folder
  • And on right side search for WaitToKillServiceTimeout REG_SZ > double-click on it to open

  • Under Value Data field > modify that from 5000 to 1000

Please Note: This value is the time in which an application will shut down by Windows if has not yet closed.

  • Left click on OK button to save changes > and double-click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder to open it.
  • And from HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder > locate and open Control Panel folder > locate and open Desktop folder
  • Next on right side > you have created 2 “REG_SZ” values
  • Name one HungAppTimeout > and the other WaitToKillAppTimeout
  • Then double-click on HungAppTimeout and in the value data field lower the time it takes for the app to shutdown. 

Please Note: Make sure to decrease the time and save changes in the apps you are running at the time you shut down the Windows 10 system.

  • Next double click on WaitToKillAppTimeout and in the value data field also decrease the value but the minimum should be 1000 ms.
  • After making all the changes > close Registry editor window > reboot your system
  • As the reboot is completed > try the shutdown feature to check if the timing has improved.

Hope this allows the Windows 10 quick shutdown but if not then follow the second solution.

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Solution 2: Disable Clear Page File at Shutdown


Check whether you have set your Page file to be cleared on every shutdown for security reasons, then this might be a reason for the slow shutdown or boot up of the Windows 10 system. So here it is recommended to clear page file at shutdown.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press Windows + R button > in the run dialog box type regedit > hit Enter

  • And in Registry Editor > navigate to the given registry key: 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

  • Now double-click on ClearPageFileAtShutdown and change its data value to 0 (Disabled)

  • Restart the system > hit (Win + X, U, U) to allow the changes to take effect.

Hope after doing this the slow shutdown problem in Windows 10 is fixed.


Solution 3: Disable Clear Virtual Memory PageFile at Shutdown


If you have set Windows 10 to clear the virtual memory pagefile on shutdown then also Windows shutdown slowly. And to speed up slow shutdown process on Windows 10 simply turns the setting off.

Follow the steps to do so: 

  • First, open Local Security Policy (secpol.msc)

    • And in the left pane of Local Security Policy > open Local Policies and Security Options.
    • Next in the right pane of Security Options > double-click on the Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile policy for opening properties > and Disable the policy.

Now check the Windows 10 slow shutdown problem is fixed.


Solution 4: Run the Power Troubleshooter


If still, you are struggling with the slow shutdown on Windows 10, then the problem is related to incorrect or incompatible power settings.

And to fix the issues simply run the inbuilt Power Troubleshooter from the Settings page.

To run it navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > select and run the troubleshooter.


Solution 5: Create a Shutdown Shortcut


Hope after trying the above-given troubleshooting solutions you are able to fasten slow shutdown on Windows 10.

Then there is another trick that allows Windows 10 quick shutdown > just create a shutdown shortcut > this immediately shut down the system.

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Right click on desktop > New  > Shortcut (And the given command strings to allow your new shortcut immediately shutdown your computer)

  1. Type Shutdown.exe -s -t 00

That’s it. Hope that you have successfully decreased the shutdown time of the Windows 10 operating system.


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Windows 10 is a very advanced operating system but in many cases, various users are found reporting about various issues.

And the slow shutdown is one of them. So here I have tried my best to put together the quick tweaks to speed up slow shutdown in Windows 10.

Try the given steps one by one and check which one works for you.  Apart from that, you can also scan your system with the automatic Windows repair tool to optimize your PC performance by fixing the common issues automatically.

Also, check the device drivers and update them, install the latest Windows 10 updates, delete the temporary files, scan your system with good antivirus software and remove unwanted software from time to time to maintain the Windows PC performance and other issues.

Additionally, if you find the article helpful or have any query, comment, questions or suggestions related, then please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

Good Luck!!!

5 Quick Tweaks to Speed up Slow Shutdown in Windows 10
5 Quick Tweaks to Speed up Slow Shutdown in Windows 10
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5 Quick Tweaks to Speed up Slow Shutdown in Windows 10
Want to speed up slow shutdown in Windows 10 then follow the given tricks one by one and fast shutdown Windows 10...
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