USB drive not showing in Windows 10

Are you the one struggling with the issue USB drive not showing in Windows 10 then here know what goes wrong with your Windows 10 operating system and why you are getting the issue.

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USB flash drive not showing up an error in Windows 10 is a common problem faced by various Windows 10 users.

Well, this is the very irritating issue faced by the users as you might lose the important data from your USB drive. There are many reasons behind facing the issue.

Today here in this article I am going to describe the recently found issue USB drive not showing the issue in Windows 10.

But before moving further here check the common reasons behind getting the issue.


Reasons for USB Flash Drive Not Showing Error:


  • Due to system error
  • Or the improper operation lead the issue
  • RAW disk might make the system fail to read the USB drive or other storage
  • Due to virus infection

These are some of the possible reasons behind the USB drive not showing the issue in Windows 10.

Please Note: This is recommended to stop using the USB when you start facing the issue in Windows 10 or before fixing the USB not showing up the error.


How to Fix USB Drives Not Showing In Windows 10


Solution 1: Identify the Problem


Very firstly it is recommended to diagnose the issue or what goes wrong. You can check Disk Management to know more:

Follow the steps to do so: 

  1. Hit Windows + X key > select Disk Management.
  2. Know check the USB flash drive listed as a Removable If you see it, then move to the next step.

But if in case you cannot see it tries the given step:

  • Try to use it on the different system: If your PC is not detecting the USB drive then it is recommended to connect it to another computer to check if another computer detects it. However, if it is not listed on the Disk Management Windows on other PC. It is possible that USB drive is dead.
  • Change different port: Try to plug your device into the different USB port on the computer as it might happen the issue is in the first port.
  • Avoid USB hubs: If you are connecting your USB drive through the USB hub then try to connect it directly to the USB ports as the USB hub might not supply enough power.
  • Power on the drive: On some USB drive, there are power switches or separate power cables. If USB drive fits the description, then switch power on USB flash drive


Solution 2: Fix the Issue


It is found that there is no any particular fix for the problem. There is different resolution based on different sign. So check your situation and try to fix the problem.

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Problem 1: If Windows asks to format the partition when you insert in the USB drive


If you are facing this situation then might see the notification below, don’t format just yet, as it might happen everything is erased on the USB flash drive.

It is possible with the file system the drive was formatted and Windows doesn’t support as usual.

However, if you don’t require the files on the disk, you can move forward and select Format disk option to move on.

If you want to read a drive like this, then you can connect it to Mac or Linux system that it was made on and copy the files from it to another drive.


Problem 2: If PC Cannot Detect the USB Drive, but Detected On Other PC


If this drive is not showing on the computer but seen on another computer then it might happen there might be something goes wrong with USB drive driver on the PC.

Follow the given instructions:

  1. Hit Windows + X key > and select Device Manager.
  2. Next, expand the category Disk Drivers and Universal Serial Bus controllers to check if you find devices with the yellow exclamation mark on them.

However, if you are seeing some other marks such as question mark or down-arrow mark or certain error notification or error codes, type error codes then you need to fix the error codes.

  1. But if you see certain drivers with yellow exclamation mark then double click on it to enter Properties
  2. After that go to Drivers tab > select Update Driver
  3. Wait till Microsoft help you out to find the suitable driver for USB drive

Apart from that, you can also update the drivers automatically by clicking once or fix the driver related issues in Windows 10.


Problem 3: If You See Drive in Disk Management, and It Has Partitions


If you see the flash drive in Disk Management window and it has partitions but you cannot use it as it is not showing in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, you require assigning a letter to the drive.

  • Hit Windows + X key > select Disk Management.
  • Then, right-click the partition on the drive > Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • If external hard drive doesn’t have a letter > add a letter for this drive by pressing Add
  • And assign a letter to it > click OK to save the change.


Problem 4: If You See the Drive in Disk Management, But It’s Empty


If you see the drive in Disk Management but it is unallocated with the black bar all along the top, then this means the drive is empty and unformatted.

  • Then, right-click the Unallocated space > select New Simple Volume.
  • And select the maximum possible size for the partition and allocate a drive letter > or let Windows select a drive letter automatically.

Hope by doing this the USB drive start detecting in Windows 10.

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Final Verdict:


Hope after following the given solution you are able to fix USB drive not showing the issue on Windows 10.

So make use of the given solution based on your situations or symptoms.

And check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Good Luck!!!

FIX: USB Drives Not Showing In Windows 10
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FIX: USB Drives Not Showing In Windows 10
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FIX: USB Drives Not Showing In Windows 10