drivers issue in Creators update

Windows 10 Creators Update is the second major update released by Microsoft.

The Creators update for Windows 10 is having the many advanced feature and improvements in it…

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…but like other updates, this is not FREE from issues.

Many users are found complaining about various issues while installing the Creators update

Or after downloading the Creators update such as black screen issue, crash, hangs, freeze and blue screen error after installing the update on Windows 10 operating system.

Today, here in this article we are describing the complete information about how to fix Windows 10 Drivers Issues after Creators Update.

Let’s describe it best with the user experience:

Can someone help me? I can’t update my ROG GL502VS Laptop to Creators Update. Windows 10 Home built-in with GTX 1070. To fix/try to update my laptop I tried everything. I really need help for this one so I can update my NVIDIA Driver to latest 381.65.

Every time I use the Windows Upgrade Assistant, after waiting for 100% then restart the laptop. It always going to the page of BLUESCREEN with the selection of LANGUAGES then I select “US English” then “Continue to Windows” after that, it will restart then the BLACK screen so I need to force shutdown the laptop from the power key. After that, I will open the Laptop again but it will show it’s going to the “Previous Version”. This is the same if I use the Windows Upgrade Tool thing.

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Well, drivers are highly essential for the system to perform better.

But when this gets corrupted it starts showing various errors and many other issues in Windows PC/laptop.

Here follow some of the common problems faced by the users when the drivers get corrupted in the Windows 10 operating system.


Problems Related to Corrupted Drivers in Windows 10

When the device drivers are outdated or get corrupted they start showing various errors.

Here follow some of them:

  • Hardware malfunction is common problem faced by the users due to driver corruption
  • Windows OS start showing various file errors
  • Users start getting screen/video issues
  • Printing or sound malfunctions issues
  • Communication vulnerability 
  • The black screen issue in Creators update is also related to driver’s confliction.
  • System start crashing, freezing, and also start performing sluggishly
  • The driver issue also causes the blue screen or BSOD error.
  • When the user tries to run a game after installing the Creators Update, PC start crashing or not responding.
  • Also, the task manager is not launched to close problematic program

Well, these are some of the common issues related to the drivers in Windows 10 Creators update.

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Many users are found facing the AMD problems in Windows 10 Creators update …

…and some of them are found complaining NVIDIA drivers issues in Windows 10 after Creators Update.

However to fix the driver issue after Creators update…

Follow the troubleshooting tips to fix your drivers issues in Windows 10


Fixes to Getting Rid of Driver Issues in Creators Update:


Uninstall Damaged Drivers – Sometimes while installing the latest drivers, some of them gets corrupted. So to fix the issue, open the device manager > run the command devmgnt.msc  > to verify damaged or faulty drivers to uninstall or get them repaired.

Drivers should be updated – The outdated drivers are very harmful, so it is very imperative to update the drivers installed to resolve many issues in Windows 10.

Check Wrong Registry Entries – The registry gets updated with driver’s configuration and if the updates are wrong then in this case drivers also start showing issues or not perform well.

Well, these are the common fixes that you need to perform to fix the drivers issues in Windows 10 after Creators update.

Apart from that users can also manually download the latest drivers from the manufacturer website or Microsoft official website.


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Final Verdict:

I tried by best to provide the ample information about how to fix the drivers issues in Windows 10 after creators update.

You can make use of the given fixes to troubleshoot the driver issues.

Well, to get your Windows 10 operating system works flawlessly update your drivers update Windows with the latest update

Good Luck!!!

3 Easy Ways to Fix Windows 10 Driver Issues After Creators Update
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3 Easy Ways to Fix Windows 10 Driver Issues After Creators Update
Are you one getting Windows 10 driver issues after Creators Update, then here follow the complete solution to get rid of it easily…
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3 Easy Ways to Fix Windows 10 Driver Issues After Creators Update