If you are using the computer regularly than must have heard of the virus and various other malware infections.

At times there are various types of viruses and malware infection that infiltrate into the user’s computer silently and perform various unknown actions.

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Well, while working if your computer starts freezing or you start getting various unwanted pop-ups, ads or even the files or computer apps takes too long to load, then this is a clear sign that your system is infected with the malware infection.

 But wait this is the only one sign that shows your PC might be malware infected.

There are lots more other signs that you need to be aware of and understand to take quick action.

The malware and virus infection has become more advanced with times and uses various techniques to get into the user’s system and as well keep itself concealed.

Today in this article, I am sharing with you the frequent warning signs of malware infection in 2018 and the advanced techniques that you can use to fix it.


Signs That Shows Your Computer Is Infected With Malware Infection

Sign 1: Slow Computer

Sign 2: Unwanted Ads 

Sign 3: System Crashing

Sign 4: High Internet Traffic

Sign 5: Popups

Sign 6: Homepage Changed

Sign 7: Unexpected Issues

Sign 8: Security Program Gets Disabled

Sign 9: Friends Receiving Messages From You

Sign 10: Unknown Icons Desktop

Sign 11: Warning Error Messages

Sign 12: Control Panel Noe Opening

Sign 13: Suspicious Hard Drive Activity 

Sign 14: Locked Computer 

Sign 15: Programs Acting Wierd

Sign 16: System Gone Mad

Sign 17: Everything Looks Fine

Sign 1: Your Computer is Slowing Down


If your system is gradually slowing down, then this is a clear sign that your system is infected with viruses.

Well, this is a very frustrating situation and it is a known fact that malware’s main activity is to slow down the system.

But there are others causes also that slow down your PC.

  • Due to the low system RAM memory or the high number of apps you are using.
  • Hard disk is having no storage space
  • If the system slows down while browsing the web, then check the browser Settings and clear browsing data to fix the issue.
  • Due to the fragmented system, as the storage space is used inadequately and reduces system performance.
  • Outdated Windows system or drivers

So, first verify the above given possible causes, if all works fine then your system is having a potential malware infection.

Sign 2: Annoying Ads Are Displaying

While browsing the web sudden pop-ups and ads start displaying on your system then this is another sign that your system is having a malware infection.

This type of malware is called Spyware and is designed for stealing user’s confidential data without informing them.

These pop-ups are very frustrating and come bundled with other hidden malware to get into the user’s system.

Apart from that, follow the security measures to avoid malicious threats:

  • Avoid clicking the pop-up windows
  • Be careful while downloading free applications, software from another website
  • Do not respond the unwanted email or messages.

Sign 3: System keeps Crashing & show BSOD Error


Is your system is randomly crashing, freezing and showing BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error and after that restarted and shows Windows is recovering from the sudden shutdown.

Hope you might be familiar with this error; there are two situations responsible for this:

  1. Due to malware infection
  2. Or you are dealing with the technical issue due to incompatibility between software/hardware. 

Or it is recommended to identify what is causing the issue and try to fix it.

Sign 4: Unusual High Internet Traffic


Well, if you notice high network activity on your PC, even if you are not connected to the internet or even no program is connected to online servers, but still, unusually high internet traffic is experienced, then it is clear sign that your system is infected with malware.

Or else check the following:

  • Last when you updated Windows operating system?
  • Is a program or application is downloading data
  • Is there a large download is still running in the background
  • Or any update is running currently

If none of this is happening, then this is the time to perform a deep scan.

Sign 5: Getting Unexpected Popup

If you are getting an unexpected popup or warning message, there is no free space left on the particular partition on the main drive on your computer.

Then there are chances your system is infected with the malware infection.

But first, check the physical storage space and also verify if the files are disappeared or their names are changed, and then scan your PC for the malware infection.

Sign 6: Browser Homepage has Changed


If you identified that your browser homepage has changed. Or experiencing strange behaviour or new toolbar is showing or been you have been redirected to the different web address than probably your system is having a malware infection.

Commonly this type of behaviour is experienced when you visit a website or mistakenly click on a link or popup window.

Then this causes the unwanted software to download and install on the device.

Sign 7: Getting Unexpected Strange Message

Are you getting the unexpected strange message and wondering what’s going on your PC? Then it is clear that malware is infiltrating on your computer.

Check out some of the common warning signs:

  • Without any issue, Windows operating system shut down suddenly
  • Windows operating system starts performing strange when tries to boot.
  • The warning message appears that you have lost access to some of the drives.

Well, the root cause can be due to the technical issue, but malware can be a culprit behind this.

Sign 8: Notice Your Antivirus Program is Disabled

If you found that your antivirus solution is not working anymore or gets disabled automatically.

Then no need to wonder how this happens?

Now, there are many tricky and advanced malware threats are designed that can disable the security solution.

Well, this type of malware is designed by the cybercriminals to keep the users defenceless and make it difficult to detect them.

Sign 9: Your Friend Is Receiving Strange Messages from You


If your friends are getting several strange messages/emails or suspicious link from you, even if you haven’t sent them than it is likely you have infected with the malware infection.

The common platform through which they are getting the message is Facebook Messenger and even trick the users into clicking links sending from you.

In this case, it might happen that you social account is being hacked or even it is a malware infection.

So check for the suspicious activities in your social account. And try making your account more secure by setting strong password or login out your account from all connected devices.

And also perform a deep scan for malware infection as this can be a reason behind the suspicious activities.

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Sign 10: Unknown Icons Displaying on Desktop:


If you notice that unfamiliar new icons are displaying on your desktop then this is what you have accidentally downloaded through the tricky programs PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program).

These annoying ads or malicious programs can do a lot of damage and depict data leakage as well.

So, the best is to check whether your system is infected with PUPs or unwanted malware infection and remove them from your computer.

Sign 11: Strange Error Messages:

Getting an error message that there is an error in your system and you need to fix it, then there must be a malware behind this.

Commonly these types of error messages show missing or corrupt files or folders, or even show your system is susceptive and its performance is affected and this causes your PC to perform slowly.

So, perform a complete malware scan with the good antivirus program and as well update your Windows OS, applications, drivers to function properly.

Sign 12: Unable To Access Control Panel


Well, here if you are facing the issue in accessing your Control Panel or it is not opening without any reason.

Then this might be technical issue or malware infection.

So, very first to be sure conduct a full malware scan and then try accessing the control panel if it opens than Relax the issue is fixed.

But if not, then you need to consult a technician or try other methods to open control panel.

Sign 13: System Gone Mad

If in case the system start performing on its own, or you experiencing the unusual activities like the system it sending emails, files and folders get concealed or their name is changed or even the internet sessions open at regular intervals of time on their own.

Then, there are ample chances your computer is compromised by malware.

So, first scan deeply for malware infection with the licensed antivirus or security program for malware infection and after that check whether the issues are fixed or not.

If fixed that well and good but if not then consult the computer professional for other system issues.

Sign 14: Suspicious Hard Drive Activity


Another possible sign of malware infection on the system is the apprehensive hard drive activity.

If you found your hard disk is working continuously excessive even no program is running or you are not using it.

Then this is the sign your computer is malware infected.

In some case, you can even notice your modem is lit always, and then also you need to scan for malware infection.

Sign 15: Computer Get Locked

If you notice that your computer gets locked and getting a message that the “law enforcement has spotted illicit material on the computer and to get locked out you need to pay a ransom.”

Then, of course, this is a clear sign you get infected with virus infection known as “ransomware”

Commonly the ransomware doesn’t try to be tricky, this just informs you that hackers have taken over your system, to get unlocked pay the amount.

The ransomware encrypts the files between your computer and the normal antivirus also won’t work for your system.

Well, in this case, you can make use of the advanced antivirus security program to fix the issue.

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Sign 16: The Programs Open and Close Automatically


Are your programs and opening and closing automatically, then no need to worry as this is all happening due to the malware infection?

 The malware presented in your system, makes the programs to perform weirdly and your computer is malware infected.

Or it might happen the programs are not compatible with the hardware and this is why it is performing strangely.

Sign 17:  Become More Curious

When it comes to protecting data, it is important to become quite more suspicious even if everything is looking fine.

Because nowadays the cybercriminals have become more advanced and designed various malware that can kept concealed and leave no sign behind but still infect your computer.

It might happen that after performing a quick scan everything looks perfect on your PC but on your system they are silently waiting for the commands to access and gather the private data and send it to the hackers.


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Final Notes:


So, these are some signs that show your system is infected with a malware infection.

Malware or virus infections are very dangerous for the system, and with the advancement of the security program, the cybercriminals have become more advanced and use various tricks to infect the user’s system.

Well, if you found your system is performing hastily then perform a deep scan with the good antivirus program.

Also keep your Windows operating system, antivirus program, applications and others updated with the latest updates to avoid other issues and make your system perform better.

Additionally, if you find the article helpful or have any query, comment, questions or suggestions related, then please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

Good Luck!!!

17 Signs That Will Tell Your Computer is Malware Infected in 2018
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17 Signs That Will Tell Your Computer is Malware Infected in 2018