Windows 10 is constantly improving with the newly launched updates. The first one the Anniversary update and the second biggest the Creators Update.

Undoubtedly both of them are GREAT and in our earlier article, I have clearly described the difference between the Anniversary and the Creators Update.

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And today in this article I have come with the very interesting topic about the best new Microsoft Edge features on Windows 10 after Creators update.

Well, Microsoft Edge is with us since a long way from 2015. But now with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has added some new features and several improvements as well.

And this is what that makes the Edge browser in trends after the Creators update. The Edge latest features and improvements begin to position it as a real competitor to Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

So, I thought, why not put together the notable latest features Microsoft has made to Edge with the recent Windows 10 Creators update.


Reasons to Use Edge on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:


Check what’s new in Microsoft Edge with the Creators Update on Windows 10:

1. Pin Pages To The Taskbar


Well with the Creators update, now you can again pin websites to the taskbar.

This latest Edge feature is really great and easy to use.

To do so, all you need to click the triple-dot button next to the Edge window’s right side > and select Pin this page to the taskbar.

In this way, you can put your favourite websites on your taskbar and can access it quickly for there.

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2. The New Tab Management Experiences


The Creators Update provides the Microsoft Edge with a latest new tabs feature.

Now, you can set your tabs aside for later, in this way you can save your browsing sessions for later, free up the tab space and manage them efficiently in the special section for easy access.

This latest feature is easy to use, all you need to simply click the “Set these tabs aside” button, next to your rows of tabs and it will get concealed off-screen.

And when you need to access them just click the “Tabs you’ve set aside” icon, and get the clear view of previous sessions. You can restore one tab or restore the entire browsing session.

However, if you need to open a lot of tabs, then you need to set them apart or found a specific page.

Edge now has the ability to preview all the open tabs at once, so you can get back to what you are looking for in a snap.

For example: if you are having six tabs open and you select the Set tabs aside button, then these six tabs will be placed into the saved tabs area and the active Edge window will see all the open tabs disappear.

Well, in the saved tabs area, you can see all the tabs are set aside and organized by data. Here you have the option to close individual tabs within a saved session, you can restore an individual tab or restore an entire saved session.

And this will reopen the entire saved tabs in single sessions and add those tabs to your favourites.

This feature is really great for the students or the one do are doing any research with several tabs open at one time.

Also, it is important to inform you this feature is cannot be turned currently. So, if you are not planning to use Set tabs aside feature, you will be stuck with the two buttons always presented at the top left of the Window.


3. Introduce New Reading Experiences in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now allows the user read books from right inside the browser, you can put your favourite e-books from the Windows Store or from EPUBs on the web next to the reading list and other content you expect to find in your browser.

Edge has now become more proficient with PDFs and eBook for touchscreen PCs. With the PDFs, you can now click the Add Notes button to the right of the URL bar to ink on the PDF, logging your name and highlighting the lines to add the comment and copy text.

Apart from that, you can change the font and text size and even leave the bookmarks while you are reading your book, in this way you can quickly jump between pages with ease.

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4. True Full-Screen Mode


With the latest Creators Update, Edge has a true, full-screen mode.

And here you can lose the browser’s menu and tabs at the top.

Well, you can press F11 key to toggle in and out of full-screen mode or click the triple-dot button

And after that click the diagonal double-arrow button towards the zoom controls right.


5. Jump Lists

With the Creators Update, this addition of Edge is the addition of jump lists.

Just like Internet Explorer, Edge has the facility to launch a new window or new InPrivate window from the icon directly on the taskbar by right-clicking it.

Well, this is not a feature filled as the older feature found in Internet Explorer, but it is a Start in Edge.


6. Flash Click-to-Run


Now, the latest features allow, Microsoft Edge to automatically block the entire Flash content from running till you run them.

When a web page is having Flash content that desires to play, Edge will provide a popup from the address bar, and this will allow you to turn it Off or On if required.

But if not, the web page continues to load without the Flash Component.

This is the really great feature of Microsoft Edge and helps you to keep secure while browsing the web.


7. Web Payments

With the Windows 10, Creators Update another biggest addition to Edge is the latest web payments API, in which the developers can tap in.

This means for the consumers is website now the ability to tap into Microsoft Wallet when buying things online. This similar feature of Apple Pay works on the Mac.

If your payment info is saved in your Microsoft Account then it can be utilized to pay for the things on the web

And if a website supports Edge’s Web Payments, then you can see the option to pay with Microsoft Wallet.

And the popup will provide the option to select your payment method, shipping address, shipping options and email in which a receipt is sent.


8. Better Bookmarking


Now Edge introduces the Edge better bookmarking improvements with the Creators Update.

Just click the star button in Edge (or press Ctrl+D), you can see Edge bookmark got a refreshed design and show the folder hierarchy better for your favourite.

This makes it easy and quick to find a folder to plop a new favourite.

On the favourites list, you can locate the two new items on the right click menu – Sort by name and Edit Url.

The former allows you to arrange a list of favourite alphabetically and the later one helps you quickly edit the URL.


9. More Efficient Energy Level


The last but not the least, with the Creators update the Edge browser pushes the frontier of energy efficiency.

The huge improvements in Microsoft Edge such a developing HTML5 content over Flash, develop the effectiveness of iframes and optimized hit testing.

As per the efficiency test, it is measured that the improved Microsoft Edge on the Creators update utilizes 31 % less power than Chrome 57 and 44% less power than Mozilla Firefox 52, and this motivates the real browsing world


It’s Time to Get Started on Windows 10


So, if you haven’t yet used the Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 then it is the time to get started now.

If not yet updated then update your Windows 10 device to the latest Creators Update, and get the benefits of improved Edge browser.

The latest Microsoft Edge features are enough to pry you away from your chosen browser.

In this article, I had listed top reasons to use Edge on Windows 10 after Creators Update, so just go through them.

And you will undoubtedly get more responsive, more efficient and more secure Edge browser.

Additionally, if you find the article helpful or have any query, comment, questions or suggestions related to it, then please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

Good Luck!!!

9 Reasons to Use Edge on Windows 10 After Creators Update
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9 Reasons to Use Edge on Windows 10 After Creators Update