common computer issues and errors.

All machines eventually break down some day due to some faults and sometimes due to user fault. Every PC user will have a PC problem now and then. This is really a big headache, which causes loss of money and brings any work to a halt. So it is important for every user to know common computer issues and their fixes to avoid the common problem to become a big disaster. To know the problem you need to know the root causes of computer issues.

Here know top 29 common PC issues faced by the user and know how to fix it:


Common Windows PC/Laptop Issues and Fixes


1. Slow Computer


This is the most common problem that is faced by almost every PC/laptop user.

Why it happens: Generally this is faced by the user when the hard drive that holds your OS is packed up, the OS can’t write files quickly, as it needs to search and allow space for it. And the searching process takes times, this gradually results in the slowdown of computer performance. You may also face this when so many processes are running in the background, and this slows down your PC.

How to Fix It: to get rid of this, the first thing you need to do is delete unnecessary files like music, photos, or just move them to another hard drive. You can also fix this by clearing the files. For this

  • First, go to start button and in the search field type: msconfig and go to the “Startup” tab.
  • After that don’t unmark anything that is a Microsoft process.
  • You will see some unwanted programs are unchecked and you will feel the difference after a startup.

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2. Unexpected Shutdown


Unexpected shutdown this is a quite a frustrating issue that is faced by the users;

Why it happens: The root cause of this is simply overheating. Dying fans, poor ventilation and also overusing the PC can make the PC heat up and computers are designed to automatically shut down when the components get too hot.

How to Fix it: So, to get rid of this simply clean your PC/laptop regularly using a soft PC brush and a can of compressed air. This is a defensive method to prevent permanent hardware damage.

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3. Computer Lockup or Freezing


The most common lockup or freezing is well recognized by many users.

Why it happens: This is the infamous” blue screen of death” this stop all programs and start displaying the error message on a blue screen. This occurs due to the shortage of memory, a bad hardware driver, a RAM going bad or a failing hard drive.

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4. Computer Won’t Turn On


This is a very annoying problem that is faced y the user sometimes due to the corrupt hard drive and sometimes due to user fault.

Why it happens: This is faced by the user as they forgot to plug the computer or due dead power supply. But it is also found in some cases that PC turns on but the screen is blank and won’t boot up. This occurs due to corrupt boot sector or the hard drive is dead or else due to some hardware failure also.

How to fix it: You need to consult a technician for the hardware issue. Or else make use of the manual steps:

  • By pressing F8 key to boot into safe mode, and then undo the changes that cause your PC laptop to stop booting like uninstalling new programs, uninstall drivers that are recently updated or else create a new user account if the account is corrupt.


5. Dust and Cigarette Smoke


It is also faced by the user due to user own fault know how.

Why it happens: Only one thing causes dust to cake and sticky particles to appear on inside components due to cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains moisture in its particles and this sucked in by PC fans but isn’t evicted. And this forms dust cakes up and form sticky particles. This is very hard to remove.

How to fix it: To fix this it is important to remove the dust by the professional clean out. And also, avoid this problem in the future stop smoking in from of or near PC and try not to smoke in the room with a PC.


6. Strange Noise


Is your machine making whirred noise then what causes this?

Why it happens: This might cause due to a fan dying and this causes computers to gather dust over time and they get slow down, their performance get gradually and this makes an unpleasant grinding sound. Or else this might be due to hard drive issues. This is one of the most destructive PC problems.

How to fix it: The first things you need to do is to get a backup of the valuable data and then check the problem or consult a professional if you don’t have much knowledge about hardware issues.

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7. The Mouse or Keyboard Has Stopped Working


This common but very annoying problem faced by the user when their mouse and keyboard both stop working.

Why it happens: This might happen sometimes due to a common annoyance as mouse or keyboard are not plugged into the computer but if that, not the case as you are using wireless mouse or keyboard make sure that it batteries are charged.

How to fix this: Well, it is not a drastic problem this can solve by you only check for the batteries in the wireless mouse and for the wired mouse keyboard verify that they are plugged or not. It might happen after time some other problems occur with the mouse/ keyboard if they are too old then this might be time to go for a new one.


8. Hal.dll is Missing Error


The error messages about missing DLL files are usual every PC user had faced it.

Why it happens: This is the very common but unfortunate problem and this is faced by the user due to lots of possible issues. Some of them are damaged DLL files or it might happen that the DLL files have been removed or deleted. Or it might be possible due to physically damaged hard drive.

How to fix it: Well, this is quite a difficult process so it is recommended not to make use of the manual process. Make use of the automatic DLL Repair Tool to fix it automatically. This by scanning once detects and repairs the corrupted or missing DLL files.

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9. The Internet or Network Connectivity Issues


One day you are connected but the very next you won’t able to connect, nothing was changed or you are won’t able to figure it out what to do. Know why it happens.

Why It Happen: There are miscellaneous types of network issues and some are very complicated. Know, some of the main reasons why you face this problem. Sometimes it happens due to the problem with a device, cables, network components, the software problem or due to duplicate IP addresses.

How to fix it: The very first thing you need to do is check the connections and make sure that the modem router is connected to the power outlet and to the PC. You can also try the solution that almost fixes 90% of the network problems. First, unplug the wires and leave it unplugged for 2-3 minutes, also shut down your PC. Now plug the modem/router back in and wait till the lights blink and come on. Turn on your PC and check for the connections.

If still, you are not able to fix it then make sure that your network adapter has the right drivers. And also make sure that all the information on the PC matches the information on the modem/router settings; check your password, names of the network, channels, encryption type, and many others. But if these are not causing the problem then delete and recreate the network configuration.


10. Missing CD / DVD Drive


This is a common problem and can be fixed easily:

Why it happens: According to Microsoft, this happens when the user upgraded their OS or installs a new application (especially a CD or DVD recording program) or else when the user uninstalls the Microsoft Digital Image.

How to fix it: You can fix it simply with Microsoft quick fix. If you are using Windows XP or Vista then just visit the Microsoft Support Website and run the Fix it Utility. Windows 7 user can also get the solution to the problem there.


 11. Getting Pop-ups All the Time


If you are not browsing the web but the still getting popup ads, then your PC is infected with malware. Know why you are getting this and how it can be fixed:

Why it happens: This problem is faced by the user when their PC is infected with malware called “Adware”.  These are very devious programs that can be tricky to get rid and this can even generate pop-ups when you are not even browsing the internet. This can also damage your system, so you need to eliminate it immediately.

How to fix it: You can fix it completely by scanning your system with anti-virus program or an anti-spyware program. This will remove adware or any other virus from your computer completely.

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12. Constant “Security” Warnings While Browsing


This is the most annoying problem faced by many of us but this incredibly easy to fix.

Why it happens: Well, this is quite an annoying problem but can be fixed very easy as you get the security warnings due to the set time and date. If the time and date were not up to date then you get this message.

How to fix it: To fix it you just need to check the PC date and time to do it manually right click on the clock and select “Change date and time settings” and correct it.


13. Showing HDD error or Hard Disk Failure


A hard drive is a place where everything is stored but if your PC is showing HDD error or hard disk failure then this can be a serious problem. So, knows why it occurs and how to fix it.

Why it happens: There are many different reasons but generally they crash of mechanical failure, electrical surge, and a violent shake or even sometimes because of the virus.

How to fix it: Very firstly you need to keep a valid backup of all your information and then you can make use of the CHKDSK utility within Windows to fix minor problems like the bad sector. But if the problem is major then you can make use of the diagnostic tools that perform a thorough test at your hard drive or else consult a professional to check the problem.

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14. Email Attachments Won’t Open


It might happen you are not able to open that email attachments won’t open so know the reason behind this and how to fix it.

Why it happens: This, is annoying but incredibly easy to fix as simply you don’t have the right software. So you to know the file you want to open is of what type and also how to open it.

How to fix it: To fix it simply learn the file type (such as PDF or RAR) and know how to open it. There are software’s available online open the files.


15: Software and Windows Operating System Are Not Updating


Keeping software programs is very important but if you are not able to update your operating system and software they know how to update it and fix this problem.

Why it happens: There are some errors that can cause a problem while updating some of them are like slow internet connections, busy websites, not enough space on your PC, disconnect from the internet and many others can fail the installation process.

How to fix it: To fix this first check your internet connection and wait for a couple of minutes and try again. Also, review and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms. This will fix the issue but if not then make use of the Windows Update Troubleshooter to automatically fix some common problems with Windows update.

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16: Windows Running Out Of Disk Space


This is a very annoying error faced by the user. So know the reason behind this and how to fix this error:

Why it happens: Generally user faces this when a hard drive is running very low on free space and this error appears relative to the size of the disk, so larger drives will have more free space remaining when this error appears. This is very frustrating to know how to fix it:

How to fix it: Users can run the cleanmgr command from the Run menu, whereas Windows 7 and Vista can do Windows search for Disk Cleanup, this utility can clean a hard drive of unnecessary files like temporary files and the files stuck in the recycle bin. You can also delete or move some unnecessary programs and files onto a secondary or external hard drive. You can also make use of the cleanup tool this may fix the issue running out of disk space.


17: Windows is Missing Some Apps


This is quite frustrating that some of the applications like Windows Movie Maker or Mail are missing. So know why you get this error and also how to fix it:

Why it happens: This is faced by the user who had migrated or updated their Windows OS to higher version; some of the favorite free apps are no longer available by default. And also some changes are done by Microsoft and due to this user face the situation then some of the apps are missing by default.

How to fix it: As Microsoft has changed the program that comes pre-installed with Windows so, the user’s needs to download it manually. The suite of free programs is available from Microsoft are presented as a download from the Windows Live essential website. You can choose to install all these programs or pick and choose.


18: Older Programs Are Not Working


There are many reasons behind this problem, know the possible causes and how to get rid of this:

Why it happens: If you recently upgraded your Windows OS then it is quite obvious that the old program is not compatible with the latest operating system on your PC/laptop. You may also face this if you’ve changed from Windows to Mac then there is no chance as the two systems are incompatible, so the program won’t work on the other. So know how to fix this.

How to fix this: To fix this try to search for the new version online if you are using an old installation file. or else try this:

  • Right-click the program that is not working and opens its
  • Then click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Now verify the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” box and choose the OS desired by the program.
  • After that check the settings boxes as required.

This will make the older program compatible but if not then make use of the third party software to fix this issue.


19: Program Won’t Start Showing Error Message You Must Have Administrative Privilege


This is a straightforward error message and in Windows OS, you might not have administrator privilege active all the time to know the reason behind this how to fix this issue.

Why it happens: This is commonly faced by the users as on their own machine users Run as Administrator. And due to this feature, any programs you run also have full administrative privileges even the malware it doesn’t matter whether you want it or not.

How to fix it: Well to run that programs for one time, simply right-click on the program and then click Run as Administrator. But if you want to solve the issue, then follow the steps:

  • Right-click the program and open the Properties
  • Now navigate to the Compatibility
  • At the bottom, you will find a checkbox labeled “Run this program as an administrator.”
  • Check it and click Okay to exit the menu


20. Windows Do not Detect all the Installed RAM


This is the quite annoying problem with computers that have four gigabytes of RAM or more in the System Window. So how the causes and how to fix it:

Why it happens: This issues in related with RAM and instead of listing the proper amount of RAM Windows will list that some smaller amount is installed, possibly the number between three and four gigabytes.

How to fix it: To fix this in the System Window, find the information field labeled System Type, this will say 32-bit OS and to address four gigabytes of RAM or more you need Windows 64-bit installed and to solve the issue you need to re-install Windows with the 64-bit installation disk.

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21. Computer Automatically Reboots to Install Updates


This is the very frustrating situation as this may hurdle you in middle of important work so know how to get rid of it:

Why it happens: It is simple as Windows is regularly updated by Microsoft, but the updates can’t be installed without a reboot and it totally depends on the settings, if you set it to automatically update then the update process starts in the middle of the important work. So it is quite unpleasing to fix this you need to change the settings.

How to fix it: Change the settings and follow the steps:

  • First, go to Control Panel and open Windows Update
  • Next click Change Settings. Most of the Windows PCs are set to automatically update by default.
  • Change this Download updates but let me choose whether to install them. This process will stop automatic updates.

However, this can stop the automatic update but this is quite risky and leaves your computer susceptive to security threats if you forgot to install the updates. So it is better to change the Install New Updates time as the updates occur when you’re not using the computer and in case your PC is off and the set time passes then the updates will be installed on next reboot.


22. Windows Won’t Boot, Hangs While Loading


This is the common issue faced by many of us. Windows screen stuck while loading.

Why it happens: This type of error likely means critical damage to the Windows file. Or other critical damage of the files on the operating system makes the Windows loading screen hangs and the system may or may not reboot. This mi8ght also happen due to driver issues.

How to fix it: To solve this issue, first try to resolve the problem by booting Windows into Safe Mode, follow the steps:

  • Boot into Safe Mode by continuously pressing the F8 key while the system starts up.
  • Then use your arrow keys to move to Safe Mode and hit Enter
  • If this works then, this is the driver conflict causing the problem.
  • Then you need to reinstall all hardware drivers and try to boot into Windows again.
  • If you are not able to boot into Safe Mode then insert your system recovery disk into your CD/DVD-ROM drive and then boot from it.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

System Recovery may result in the loss of some files and program data, so as not to lose the important files connect the drive to another Pc and remove them before performing a System Recovery. You will be warned that if the damage was caused by a virus, then doing this can infect the second computer also.

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23. Computer Automatically Connects to Wireless Network


Windows should not connect to unknown wireless networks even if they are open but if it connects automatically then your Windows must have encountered some error. Know why it happens and how to get rid of it.

Why it happens: Well, Windows OS automatically connects to a wireless network if the Windows has encountered an SSID that has been approved before, and then it might make a connection even if it is a different network.

How to fix it: Follow the steps to fix this issue:

  • Firs open the Network and Sharing Center
  • Then click on Manage Wireless Networks.
  • Locate the offending wireless network and right click on Properties
  • After that de-select, the Connect automatically when this network is in range
  • On the other hand, you can right-click on the network and then click Remove Network
  • Even your computer will still see the network but it will connect automatically.


24. Computer Will Not Remain In Sleep Mode


Sleep mode is a low-power state that turns off most system functions, but not completely turns off the hardware, but in some cases, it is found that a computer will not remain in sleep mode.

Why it happens: Most computers come out of sleep when activated but if the activation is too responsive, then the PC may not stay in sleep mode for more than a second.

How to fix it: To fix it open the command interfaces and does a Windows Search for Run As for CMD, then in the command line type powercfg –devicequery wake_armed and marks what pops up. Next, go to the Device Manager and locate the devices that were listed.  Right-click a listed device and select Properties and go to the Power Management tab. uncheck the “Allow this device to wake the computer” box. To know the main culprit it is best to do this one device at times which is not responsibly enabled.


25. My Smartphone Will Not Synch With My PC


Well, this is a very weird situation faced by the user. In order to ensure backup of Smartphone, it is important to sync phone content with your computer/laptop but it happens in some cases that phone is not synchronized with the PC, so know the reason behind this and how to fix it.

Why it happens: Well this happens due to various factors and this also depends on the type of Smartphone and PC. So know how to get rid of this situation.

How to fix it: It is needed that all the programs are closed, during syncing or backup. Or else close and open applications if required and also be sure to download or reject the proposed updates that pop-ups and with this synchronization can be done. Look for the icon of synchronization to appear and verify it and also verify the user manual for your device.


26. Installing Dangerous or Annoying Programs


This is a common problem and faced by the user when the PC is infected with viruses or malware. This also put user system into danger.

Why it happens: This is generally faced by the user when their PC is infected with virus or malware. These dangerous programs get installed on the PC with the free downloaded programs, software. These are very dangerous and this makes the PC vulnerable to download and install other dangerous and annoying programs into PC.

How to fix it: To fix it very first be curious while browsing the web and downloading free software, application, and many others. Scan your PC regularly with the trusted and powerful anti-malware tool to get rid of the dangerous malware and viruses from your PC. And the most important thing is to be vigilant while installing any programs on your PC/laptop.


27. Won’t Able to Upgrade from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows


Want to upgrade your windows system from 32-bit to 64-bit but not able to do that then know why you face this issue and how to fix it.

Why it happens: Many programs are designed for the 32-bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit versions of Windows. Actually, the device drivers designed for the 32-bit version of Windows don’t work on the PC running the 64-bit version of Windows. And when you try to install a printer or other device that only has 32-bit drivers available, this will work correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows. To learn how to check for drivers.

How to fix it: You may face this situation first check the drivers for hardware as this may be the issue of driver conflict. To fix this update the driver for hardware those aren’t working properly or else go to the device manufacturer’s website. Remember to first backup your files and then choose the option during installation and then restore your files and reinstall your programs.


28. Windows Firewall is Blocking Specific Program


This is one of the most common problems when using a network firewall is that it blocks network traffic that you want to allow.

Why it happens: It happens as because the Windows Firewall is enabled for your network location. This is all done to provide security for your Windows-based OS. And due to this, it blocks unsolicited connections to your computer

How to fix it: You can see when Firewalls blocks a program a “Windows Security Alert” dialog box appears. So you need to enable the programs by making use of the Windows Security Alert dialog box. Just click unblock in the appeared dialog box.


29. Windows Registry Error


Windows Registry error is a very problematic situation faced by the user as this allows the user not to do anything. The Registry is essentially part of the computer; it is the massive internal database that contains important machine specific information almost each and everything of the machine.

Why it happens: Well there are many factors that are responsible for the corruption of the registry keys. Some of them are while uninstalling and reinstalling software on your machine can cause the registry error, suddenly system shutdown or crashes, due to malware or viruses PC registry get damaged and many others.

How to fix it: This can be repaired manually but here we recommended you to make you of the Registry Repair Tool.

Note: Manipulating registry entries manually are quite risky and difficult; a small mistake done by you can damage the entire system. So makes use of the automatic registry repair tool.

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These are some of the common Windows PC issues that make the PC/laptop to run slow and cause various issues and errors. So, make sure to scan your system at the regular interval of time and try the given fixes to make your PC perform better.

Despite this, you can also make use of the use of the Windows Repair Tool, to scan and fix various issues, errors and make your PC perform better.


Check Your Windows PC/Laptop Health


You can make use of the Windows Repair Toolthis the best tool that is designed with the advanced algorithm to detect and repair errors of the operating system automatically. This is a repair utility that can help to fix the Windows operating system from damages caused by viruses, malware, spyware, and many others. Also make the PC error-free and fix the problem of crashes, freezes, blue screen errors and many more. It also optimizes the performance of the PC/laptop and enhances the speed of the PC, and application installed. This not only fixes the errors but also keep an eye how PC hardware are running and detect the hardware problem so that the user can get them repaired. It is an excellent tool to fix various errors in the Operating system. This can repair various errors like DLL error, Windows error, Application error, repair Registry utilities, PC error, Blue screen of Death errors, slow computer, and various other Windows error messages. It is easy to use and fixes the error automatically so there is no need to contact and technical person. Just download and install it to make your PC error free.




Windows PC/laptop tend to start crashing, freezing, hanging and run slow. Well, this is very irritating, so here in this article check out the 29 popular computer issues and errors.

Try the given fixes as per your issue and fix it.

Additionally, if you have any queries, suggestions or other fixes than feel free to share with us at the comment section below or you can also go to our Fix Windows Errors Ask Question Page.

29 Popular PC Issues & Their Fixes That Really Works
29 Popular PC Issues & Their Fixes That Really Works
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