Microsoft Windows 10 is the most advanced operating system and this is having many improvements in it. But apart from its improvements, many users are still facing various errors while upgrading to Windows 10.

In many of our earlier article, I had discussed many commonly found upgrade errors in Windows 10.

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And today, I am here with another irritating error 0xc1900200 faced by the users while upgrading to Windows 10.

This irritating error is faced by the users due to various reasons. But fortunately, this can be resolved by performing various fixes.

Here I have discussed some workarounds to repair error 0xc1900200 on Windows 10.

Here Has A Look …

Reasons behind Getting Upgrade Error 0xc1900200:


  • Due to corrupted registry entries.
  • Due to the wrong installation of the update.
  • Unfinished un-installation of the software can also cause errors.
  • Inappropriate deletion of the applications.
  • Due to outdated drivers
  • Damaged Windows OS can also cause the error.

Well, these are the common reasons responsible for getting the Windows 10 update error 0xc1900200.

So before moving to the given workarounds check if any of this is causing the error and tries to fix them.

But if not, then move to the below-given fixes to get rid of the error 0xc1900200 in Windows 10.


How to Fix Error 0xc1900200 on Windows 10?


FIX 1 – Verify your PC Meets the Requirements


Before upgrading to Windows 10 you need to check your PC/laptop matches the requirements.

Windows 10 is not a demanding operating system but there are still some requirements that your PC must have. Otherwise, this may lead issues or errors while upgrading to

Otherwise, this may lead issues or errors while upgrading to Windows 10.

Check your computer’s hardware requirements; if this is not causing the issue then it is possible that any other application, driver or firmware is causing the issue.

So make sure to upgrade your PC/laptop drivers and check everything is updated.

Additionally, assure that you are having the latest Windows updates installed in your device.

Please Note: It is recommended if you need to install the latest updated drivers then make sure to update or install the drivers from the Manufacturer website.

To update the drivers automatically  you can make use of the free Driver Booster.


FIX 2 – Disconnect All USB Devices


It is found that many users are getting 0xc1900200 error during Windows 10 upgrade because of the external hard drive connected.

Well, external hard drives are very useful for the file backup but while updating your system to Windows 10, if external hard drive is connected this may cause certain errors.

So it is highly recommended to disconnect it while upgrading your system.

Many users have reported the same error with the USB Bluetooth receiver for a wireless mouse.

And, according to them, the issue is completely fixed after disconnecting the receiver from the PC.

Keep in mind that almost any USB devices can cause the error 0xc1900200.

So, make certain to disconnect all the unnecessary USB devices like Printer, controller, and others before starting Windows 10 upgrade process.

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FIX 3 – Modify Size of the Reserved Partition


 In some cases, you won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 10 due to the reserved partition size.

So to resolve error 0xc1900200, expand the size of the partition.

To do this there are many online free tools available that will help you to expand the size easily.

Please Note: The procedure can be potentially dangerous as you may accidentally delete a certain partition.  So be careful while performing the task or you can make use of the extra caution.


FIX 4 – Update your BIOS


Some users reported that they are getting the error due to their BIOS and were unable to upgrade to Windows 10.

As they stated their CPU clocks were incorrect and that was causing the 0xc1900200 error.

And after updating the BIOS, the issue was fixed and Windows 10 upgrade was installed without any problems.

It is found that this issue may occur if you are having latest version of the BIOS installed so you might need to install it again to fix the error

The BIOS upgrade is a quite advanced procedure, therefore be careful and must know how to perform it properly.

It is also advised to check your motherboard manually.

Please Note: A minor mistake while BIOS upgrade can cause permanent damage. Therefore be careful if you decide to upgrade BIOS.

Hope by following the above-given workarounds, the upgrade error 0xc1900200 on Windows 10 is solved but if not then it is recommended make use of the alternate solution.


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Now it’s Your Turn


Well, I tried my best to provide the ample solutions to fix the upgrade error 0xc1900200.

Now it’s your turn to utilize the given fixes and check whether the issue is solved or not.

If solved then move forward and upgrade your PC/laptop to Windows 10 easily.

In case you have any additional workarounds that proved successful or questions concerning the ones presented, do tell us in the comments.

Or for more Windows Update errors and additional information, just visit our Windows Update section.

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