Windows 10 unexpected store exception error

Windows 10 is highly recommended for PC/Laptop as it contains lots of new upgraded features. As it is on the top of improved OS with a new browser, more security, and Cortana assistant. But we know that everything comes with pros and cons.

Windows 10 also has some errors and unexpected store exception is one of them. Many users are struggling with this error as it is new in the market.

Are you among those users who are facing the issue of unexpected store Exception windows 10?

Then don’t worry you are at the right place, in this article you will find the fixes to solve your issues regarding the windows 10 unexpected store exception error.


What Does Unexpected Store Exception Mean?


Unexpected Store Exception is a break error on Windows 10 as it shows that the store section trapped an unexpected exception. It forces to restart your PC every time when it shows unexpected store exception.

 After upgrading Windows version from the previous one Unexpected Store Exception after Windows 10 Update has bothered many users.

It is usually followed by the fear of BSOD (Blue screen of Death).  Unexpected store exception error issue is related to Windows store, these issues are mainly caused by many factors which are directly related to Windows store or your PC/laptop.


How to Fix Unexpected Store Exception Windows 10?


Despite if you are new to Windows 10 or facing difficulty in following manual solutions then try using Windows Repair Tool. There are many ways to fix unexpected store exception windows 10 which will help in fixing your issues. So, check out the steps one by one given below and get rid of what bothers you.


Fix 1 – Run the System File Checker (SFC)


Corrupted files are the main reason for errors to appear in the system like Unexpected Store exception in Windows 10.

Luckily, it’s simple to repair the corrupted system files just by scanning the PC/Laptop in Windows 10. It is an inbuilt tool that checks the system and helps in solving the error.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Click “start” or press the “Windows button”
  • Type “cmd” > type “sfc/scannow” in the prompt and hit enter

Now, it will check the system files and will replace them if corrupted.

Once the process is complete if any corrupted files are found it will be shown to you and also it will fix it. After that Restart your computer.

Hope after repairing the corrupted files unexpected store exception is fixed


Fix 2 – Update your Display Drivers


For updating your Display Driver first you need to boot your PC/Laptop to the safe mode.

  • Go to the official website of the manufacturer or directly to the Microsoft official website
  • Find the Drivers section and download the latest version from there
  • Install the Driver and Reboot your system

This step will help you resolve Unexpected Store Exception after Windows 10 Update.

Or else you can make use of the DRIVER BOOSTER this check for the outdated drivers from your hardware and update them automatically.



Fix 3- Run Disk Check Utility


A Disk check utility is built-in Microsoft Windows to check the file status and system’s hard drives.

 You can run Disk check utility resolve in your computer to resolve Unexpected_store_Exception issue.

Follow the steps given:

  • Press Windows key+X > click on command prompt
  • Hit Yes
  • Type chkdsk C:/f/r/x in the prompt window

  • Press Enter to start the scanning process
  • Reboot your system

After completion, you will notice that your system is running smooth as well as the windows 10 unexpected store exception error is also gone.


Fix 4- Turn off fast startup


Windows 10 has a feature of a fast startup which makes your PC/Laptop boot fast and saves a lot of time but sometimes the fast startup can create an issue of blue screen error just like Unexpected store exception which is faced by many users.

Follow the steps given below to fix the issue.

  • Press Windows key+R
  • Type “Control panel”
  • Click on power options
  • Select “choose what the power button do”
  • Click “change settings that are unavailable”
  • Uncheck box says “Turn on fast startup”

  • Save and exit
  • Restart your system

Check if your problem got fixed by the above method. If not then try another solution below.

Helpful Article9 Easy Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Slow Startup or Boot Issue


Fix 5- Uninstall the anti-virus Program


It’s not safe to leave your PC/Laptop unprotected without anti-virus but your anti-virus software can be a reason in your system which causes an error.

Try disabling the antivirus temporarily, after disabling the antivirus check whether the error still occurs or not. If not then your unexpected store exception Windows 10 error is fixed.

Now, enable the antivirus to check whether it’s your antivirus that causes the problem or not. If yes then uninstall the antivirus or contact the antivirus manufacture website.

Installing a good antivirus on Windows 10 is really important to make your system safe and secure.

Fix 6- Turn off Sleep Mode


Another common solution to fix the unexpected store exception windows 10 is to disable the sleep mode in Windows 10.

When a Windows 10 PC/Laptop is kept on sleep mode, all the data present in the memory gets stored in the hard drive.

If it is not done in a proper way it causes issues in Windows 10 unexpected store exception after Sleep. Try to disable the sleep mode by following the instructions given.

  • Press “Windows key”
  • Type “control panel”
  • Under Select power plan, click on “change plan settings”
  • Select computer to sleep option “NEVER”
  • Click save changes


  • Select to choose what the power buttons do.
  • Uncheck the box next to changes is unavailable

  • Make sure that power button is set to sleep

After following the steps it will ensure you not to put your system to sleep hence the unexpected store exception after Sleep is solved.


Fix 7- Perform a System Restore


If none of the above fixes helped you in resolving your problem then you can try performing system restore.

  • Restart your system in a safe mode
  • Press “Windows+ R”
  • Type “control panel”

  • View by small icons, click system
  • Click in system protection
  • Click on system restore
  • Select Next
  • Select a previous restore point before the error appears and click next

  • Click Finish
  • Click YES to confirm the Restore

Restoring your system will bring back your Windows 10 to its previous state without putting any effect on your files or documents.


Automatic Solution to Fix UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION Error


If you are not a technical person and unable to perform manual steps then simply use Windows Repair Tool to fix every issue regarding Windows 10. It’s the finest tool that will scan your PC/laptop, detect and solve all the Windows 10 related errors and issues at once. This tool is designed with an innovative process that fixes the errors frequently. It quickly fixes pc error, prevents loss files, viruses, corrupted system files, hard drive, unexpected store exception error and many more.




Hope after reading and trying all the fixes stated above your problem of unexpected store exception BSOD windows 10 issue is resolved.

I recommend you to try Windows Repair Tool as it has solved my issues regarding Windows without any hassle.

To know more about Windows issues and errors, and how to fix them keep visiting this site or visit the .

7 Working Solutions to Fix Unexpected Store Exception BSOD Error in Windows 10
7 Working Solutions to Fix Unexpected Store Exception BSOD Error in Windows 10
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7 Working Solutions to Fix Unexpected Store Exception BSOD Error in Windows 10
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